Monday, December 7, 2009

An Evening in the Life of Two Old Farts

This night ain't no fit fer man er beast!! Cold and a light rain that threatens to become heavy rain and thunder storms. We are just going to cocoon right here until this passes. It's a good night to sleep - I just hope I can.

Harry and I went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant early this evening. There were at least four new dinner items on the menu. One was Chile Coyote. The dish is a green chile stuffed with beef, raisins, banana, and mango served on mushroom cheese sauce with guacamole salad and a side of rice. I've never seen it on a menu here but it was always a favorite of mine when work took me to El Paso or San Diego. Believe me, the dish that sat in front of me tonight didn't disappoint. I ate like a pig!! Burrrrp - Excuse me!!

Here I sit with my fingers on the keyboard but I can't think of one thing to say. Do I live an exciting life - or what? I'll try again tomorrow. So for now good night one and all.


Smocha said...

mmmmm...going out for mexican food souded pretty dang exciting to me :))

Jamie said...

Hmmm...that sounds pretty interesting, although I have never heard of it.

Yep, the weather here is the kind that makes you want to stay in and hide your head, too. However, I have to get out and brave it. I am getting too old for this...

Have a great day. Big hugs, friend. :)

SOUL: said...

hiya LBF-

man o man-- i just copied that recipe-- well, ingredients-- down. i have never in all my mexican food chowin days, heard of such a thing. i was born and raised on mexican food too. in fact-- i just might be mexican! :))

anyhow- i'm gonna make that one a these days. i'm just that kinda cook ya know-- if i can figure out what's in somethin -- i can make it-- and sometimes even better.
i don't cook as often as i used to -- you know that-- but someday i'll get my groove back. i hope.
i'm cookin more now than i did a few months ago-- it's a start.

anyhow-- yes 76248--- is the right one.

hope you have a happy day today--
sounds like your energy is on the rise-- and i love to se that!
keep on truckin lady!

hugs to you !

Cheryl said...

You said stuff! The dinner sounded great and authentic. So much better than what they serve at the chains. Yum. And most of us are old farts too!