Friday, February 5, 2010

Shocking News

I read something really alarming on a friend's blog about a kid having a gun at school along with a "hit list" Her daughter felt comfortable enough to tell her parents about what was happening at her school. That speaks volumes about the relationship of my friend and her child. Harry and I talked about it and agreed that times have really changed and not necessarily for the better.

Next scene: I went out to do a small bit of shopping close to home and decided to have my nails done as a treat. While there a "breaking news" flash came over the television in the spa. A student at Discovery Middle School - here in Huntsville - took a gun to school and shot a fellow student. The wounded student is in critical condition. Who knows what will follow in the next few hours.

It's criminal that we have to put our children and grandchildren in harms way when we send them to school. It makes me want to bring the grandsons home and begin home schooling. If my health wasn't a bit shaky I would look into the possibilities. Home schooling is a commitment that I can't make right now.

Hold on to your children/grandchildren. Try to keep the lines of communication open. It could be critical that they tell you what's happening around them.



I couldn't agree with you more.
Its sad how life has changed..
Wish I were a parent in the 1950's raising my children with soda fountains and romantic hills..

BREZZ said...

wow. this is happening way to often. i wish i had the answers. like why. what is wrong with these kids that they think this is the only way to solve their problems?
and 2--- where do they get the guns they do take to school? the majority has got to be from their parents-- don't you think?
how hard is it to lock up and hide a gun from a kid.

sad sad world.
i hope your local student pulls through .

the police and school were involved in the incident at 'our' school. but i have no idea of the outcome.

maybe i'll hear something on monday.

hugs to you--
hope you feel good on your weekend-
hold those babies tight LBF
i know i got mine tighter than ever!

Jamie said...

OMGosh Mary, I know what you mean. I have often thought that I was happy that my kids are grown and out of school, but now, it begins with the grandchildren. Life has gotten so out of really makes you think. Hugs...

Happyone :-) said...

My daughter did just that. She does home schooling.
Times sure have changed!!!