Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Today: Clear blue sky, bright sun, lush grass, humidity somewhere around 500; just a typical day during the dog days of summer. On the inside looking out it's a beautiful day and inside with air conditioning is where I prefer to spend these days. From my vantage point the birds and chipmunks are love'n nature's steam bath.

I haven't mentioned our reefs for a while. The new set-ups are fully operational. Harry's are doing great and my smaller reef is coming along. Harry's reefs are high-end coral that grow for really experienced reef keepers. My reef has smaller, easier to grow 'stuff' which is as it should be. I have to admit that I do little to care for my tank because all the new tanks are connected to the same water/filtration system which Harry maintains. I'll try to make new pictures and post them later in the week.

Nothing new and exciting in our world. Harry and I have settled into a daily routine that's quiet and slow - for the most part. I have cabin fever - better days are ahead, though, and we're looking forward to making them more interesting. To that end, I believe it's time for me to move away from this keyboard and get into the day's routine.

I hope everyone is having a good day. Do one fun thing or have a big belly laugh today. And when you do, think of me. My best to everyone.


happyone said...

You sound happy and content taking things slowly for now. That's good.
Too bad I don't live close enough to pop in for a visit.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thank goodness for AC on days like this, huh? Our summer in Michigan has, so far, been rather cool. I'm hoping for some really nice HOT days before we have to start raking fall leaves. I can't believe how fast this year is going. It seems like only yesterday I was enjoying the daffodils, first ones up in the spring. Hope you feel better with each passing day, Mary.

Cheryl said...

Yeah! Another post from our Mary. You do sound content. How's the healing coming along? Are you in pain? Can you move your shoulder OK?

I didn't know you had his and her reefs. There's a lot of chemistry involved, right? I hope you just get to look.

Mary said...

Yes, I am content. I had a few bad days coming to grips with the cancer but I'm well past that. I just take one day at a time and do whatever it is that I need to do that particular day.

To quote the doctor (yesterday) "It's finally beginning to heal." I see him again in two weeks - I had been seeing him every three days.

The only real pain I have is the area where muscle was removed and it isn't constant nor really bad. I can move my shoulder but raising my arm is not my favorite thing to try - I believe "very unpleasant" would describe that. Needle work is out of the question, too. This will all be well behind me by late October and I'll just move on.