Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Me

Several Days ago Soul presented me with a blog award (Over The Top Award). I'm proud to have received the award and have tried to persuade Blogger to allow me to upload the icon. No luck. At first I thought that I was doing something wrong but now I think Blogger is having a temper tantrum. I tried to upload pictures of the grandsons and Harry carving pumpkins. Blogger refused to upload those pictures, too. I'll have to wait for our son, the computer guru, (Joe) to have time to appease the blogger gods and ask them to please overlook whatever transgression I committed.

That said, I completed radiation on 20 October. My burns are healing fast and I'm now looking to the PET scan on this Thursday. I should have the results on the following Monday. We're confident the results will be negative for cancer. It's been a trip but now the end is truly in sight.

I'm enjoying watching the leaves turn to brilliant golds, reds, and bronze. The winter welfare birds are arriving. Squirrels have fat cheeks and are hiding their bounty. The dad-gum chipmunks are digging in places I'd rather they didn't dig. We're having more rainy days than sun. No drought here this fall. My house plants are either safely inside or on the screen porch. Life is returning to normal.

I intend to return to regular blogging now that life is on a more even keel. Get ready, friends, here I come.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Welcome back, Mary! You are beginning to sound like your old self and I'm so glad you're healing nicely. Yep, winter is coming and I am hoping that its a mild one. We had enough snow last year for 3 winters! Looking forward to reading more from you....in the meantime, take care and don't over-do. Big hugs.

Karen said...

I am so glad to hear that your treatments are over! Its good to hear you sounding so upbeat and happy.
It will be nice to see you posting more often again. I've missed you.

Jamie said...

I am so happy to see you here again! I will be praying for NOTHING on the pet scan. Hugs!


SOUL: said...

hey you!
peek a boo--
here i am-- late yet again-- but like they say-- better late than never-- right? maybe.

anyhow-- you sound better every time i 'hear' from you! and you know i love it!!!

pretty soon you can break out the BB gun and go chase off those pesky squirrels -- oh hush-- you know i'm kiddin. just tryin to rile ya up a bit.

someone's gotta ruffle your feathers now and then :))

enjoy your day--

can't wait to hear the good news about the pet scan-- cuz we all know-- it WILL be good news!

LBF hugs and squeezes to you today-