Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't Assume

Today was day two of my seven "booster" radiation sessions. Forgive me for assuming that "booster" means less intense. Guess I was wrong about that one. The beam isn't as wide-spread. It is more sharply aimed and the exposure does not make for a care-free experience. The radiation burns are painful and ugly but the alternative is even worse. I'm thankful that the treatment is available but at the same time I want them to be in the past!!!

I'm spending most of my time either in bed or stretched out in front of the TV. In the beginning I read a lot but now I just can't concentrate on a book. That's a first for me. I've learned a lot from watching TV.

1) The History Channel screens many, many "dooms-day" programs. They seem to concentrate on such things as which volcano/earthquake/flood will destroy a large portion - if not all - the world. That's predicting the future in my book.

2) Public Television does have interesting programming - if you don't get tired of the "send us money" routine or if you haven't seen the program several times before.

3) Many - if not all - of the detective shows have gotten graphic beyond the acceptable.

But then I'm an old fart who is buried in health issues at the moment. It makes for negative impressions. I think I'll just crawl back in my hole and be quiet.

Take care and enjoy the colorful all weather - old man winter is on the way.


Smocha said...

Oh you poor thing, Day time TV is just awful! I hope the treatments go quickly for you so they will be a thing of the past.

I hope you feel better by the minute:)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Ditto what Smocha said can go to and catch a lot of the older TV shows we enjoyed in another era. Maybe that will brighten your day up a bit. On A&E online you can catch some interesting shows you may have missed before....Hoarders is thought-provoking to say the least. At the very minimum, all these shows do take your mind elsewhere .... even if its only for a while. Get well SOON! Big, warm hugs, my friend. xo

Karen said...

I certainly agree with you about television.
I do like the new Flash Forward though.
So sorry you have to go through those treatments and hope it will soon be part of your past. I continue to pray for you each day while I'm on my morning walk.
Hang in there friend!!

Mary said...

Joe, our oldest son, oriented me to at your suggestion, Val. Lots of possibilities there. He also told me about Flash Forward. That does sound interesting, Karen. Joe said that he'd help me find it on-line so I could catch up to date.

Thank you for your prayers, Karen. Prayer is about all that's getting me from day to day. I can keep hanging in for a few more days. Next Wednesday should be my last radiation.

Cheryl said...

I bet you can't wait till the treatments are over. How long will it take to complete the other 5 treatments? Soon, soon you'll have your regular life back and no more bad TV.

Jamie said...

I am so happy to see this post, but sad that this is all so rough on you. It will all be over soon, and I think you are perfectly awesome, just being able to manage.

Hugs and hugs and hugs, friend. :)

SOUL: said...

well hell, i'm late -- sorry. no excuses... bad me.

i am thrilled though that you are down to a handful of treatments. i know they are hell. i watched my dad go through them. i wouldn't wish them on anyone. it hurts my heart to hear you just talk about them.
you're right though, the alternative is worse-- i am happy you will be around much longer--
big hugz and much love my LBF

Tee said...

I have to agree daytime TV is lacking. That's one of the reasons I keep the TV off during the day. Hope you will soon be feeling better.