Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holidays are Beginning

It has been a long time since I wrote here or anywhere for that matter. Sometimes life just doesn't allow the time nor mind set to write. However, here I am this dreary morning - sitting here with my fingers on the keyboard trying to write. Several things are tumbling through my head but nothing has really come together yet.

This is Thanksgiving week. I have so much to be thankful for - family, friends, a secure home, a loving spouse, and life itself. Our Thanksgiving dinner will be on Sunday. I'm doing the cooking and looking forward to the day. We'll have beef tenderloin, baked veggies, cream potatoes, and a couple of other dishes that I've not really decided on yet. Dessert will probably be home made apple pie. The reason Harry and I are having Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday is to give Thursday's dinner time to the in-laws. They don't "do" Christmas and so I claim Christmas for this home. It works for everyone involved. Give and take is the secret for a stress free life filled with harmony among the players.

The house across the street from us was on the market for almost a year. It was a beautiful house with the most beautiful woodwork that I've ever seen. It sat directly on the golf course beside one of the prettiest greens on the course. The problem was that it was a split level home and they just aren't popular these days - that and the price. Why am I telling you this? Because that house and lot have been my entertainment for almost three weeks. Someone bought the lot with the contingency that the house be moved. Watching a split level home be picked up and moved has been an experience. As I sit here, a crew is removing every tree from the lot. It's a hole in our community. Some of us are uneasy about what kind of house the new owners will build. There are community "rules" so it can't be too bad. New construction in an established community can meet the "rules" and still not be a fit. I keep telling my neighbor (she is worried) that everything will be just fine . . and it will be.

I'm still semi-house bound because of side effects from my medications. My oncologist did change my prescription from Arimidex to Femara. The change has been good - side effects are much less worrisome but still an issue. We are happy and coping very well. I have evaluations scheduled for late Dec/early Jan. The evaluations will be repeated in early summer. If all is still good, I'll be off this schedule and back to yearly check-ups. Even though I've had many pity parties and grunts I realize that I'm a lucky old woman. Not everyone with cancer has the care or outcome that I have had.

I think that I've run dry for now. I hope that I still have a reader or two, but we'll see. I check and read blogs every morning while I drink my coffee. I comment sometimes but - bad me - sometimes I don't. Even when I don't comment I think good thoughts for you and wish you happiness and health. Thanks for stopping by.


Happyone :-) said...

Oh it was so nice to read a post from you. Nice to see you back.
That must have been something to watch the house being moved. I know I would have been glued to the spot watching.
Take care and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. :-)

Cheryl said...

Yes, it's good to hear from you. Funny how we can go from writing all the time and being inspired to...not much. You'll see that most of us are still around.

I'm always so happy when my neighbor has Thanksgiving on an off day and I'm invited. Who says it has to be on Thursday? I'm glad you have Christmas.

Glad the new meds seem good. It's a shame that you're still dealing with the after effects. I know you can't wait till it's just a yearly check-up.

Stay well!

Jamie said...

You sound so happy and content Mary. It makes me smile. Yes, I would say you are a lucky woman. In fact, so many of us are so very lucky...

I have Christmas Eve every year. I don't care and don't give any stress over any other holiday or time that some or all need to be with the in-laws. I often feel sorry for the kids, driving all over the state, trying to make it to at least two dinners, so that someones feelings aren't hurt. Today, I will only have my youngest and his gf, and I am fine with that. I of course, miss the others, but it's all give and take.

Moving a whole house must be something to watch!

Big hugs, friend. Happy TGiving. :)

Summer said...

I hope you have blessed Thanksgiving weekend.

SOUL said...

hiya LBF!!!
i agree-- watching a house be moved would prolly be the most exciting thing in my world in quite some time. i know i'd be a-watchin :))
i'm still stumped on why the heck they would want trees removed though. geesh. it takes forever for them to grow-- why take them out?

anyhow-- i do hope you and the neighborhood are pleased with what the new folks put there.

thanksgiving plans sound good-- as does the foooood. :))

you sound pretty good yourself.

i got your note yesterday -- i texted you -- but then i second guessed if you even had a cell?? so i'm sorry if it didn't go through. i do hope you and harry had a happy day together.

stay strong my friend... you're a tough ole bird - i know some days are hell -- but never forget that i love you , and i think of you alot!

Tee said...

So glad you are doing so well. It is always so nice to have family for the holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Christmas is just too much of a rat race.

I understand the concern about the empty lot and what will go up there. In Atlanta people come in a neighborhood and buy and outdated older home, take it down and build what is call a McMansion. The older established neighbors have gotten up set, because these big new houses have caused their taxes to go up drastically. I hope the new home will be a good fit for your neighborhood.