Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Treat Cabinet is Alive and Well

It's Sunday night and Thanksgiving is over. Everything is quiet in our little home. It's just the two old farts and their computers with the hum of the reef tanks in the background. In other words - normal.

Does anyone remember the "Treat Cabinet" that I put together a few years back? If not, here's the story. I decided to devote a lower kitchen cabinet to treats for the grandchildren. It wasn't just a bag of chips and a candy bar. I had a wide variety of stuff in there. M&Ms, Cheerios, gum drops, various crackers, Oreos, etc, etc. You get the idea. To little kids it looked like a real store display. The rules were: No treats until you have eaten your meal. If there's something that you don't think you like - try it anyway - two bites. You earn treats - no raiding the cabinet. Always ask an adult before opening the cabinet. Each kid was allowed to select his own treat.

Yes, I admit that at times I was lenient with the kids but only to a degree. My regular blogging friends were cool with my Treat Cabinet for the kids. However, there was a few who thought it was their obligation to God and country to let me know what a fool I am and how they would never allow their children to visit anyone who would, in effect, ruin a child's life with junk food. I was "put through the ringer" over the Treat Cabinet. Didn't change a thing at this house!!

I still have the Cabinet (it is well stocked) and the boys are fine! This evening they both ate a BIG salad, beef tenderloin, corn, baked veggies, Texas fries, yeast rolls and cherry pie. The Treat Cabinet didn't ruin their diet nor did it hurt their teeth - their teeth are perfect. They eat a wide variety of good food and they STILL select their treats. They are slim, fit, active kids.

I read a blog from a long time blogging friend that prompted me to write this blog. We live our lives, try to do the right thing, and just have to tell the naysayers to kiss-off.

This is post is written in a different tone that my usual entries. I've think that I've had a bur under my saddle over the Cabinet for a long time. There! I feel better.

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C.A. said...

I love the Treat Cabinet, just for the record. It's special and it's something they earn. I've developed the "If you don't like what I'm doing (writing, saying) then feel free to leave attitude the last month or so. Good for you for finally venting about the criticism, Mary.

I think you're AWESOME!

Big Hugs...


Tee said...

I think the treat cabinet is a wonderful idea. What great memories being made for those children. When they are grown they will always remember. My grandmother always had something yummy when I was growing up and those are wonderful memories for me.

Happyone :-) said...

Grandmas are supposed to have neat things like treat cabinets. :-) I think it's a great idea too.
I can't believe people gave you a hard time about it!!

Jamie said...

I can't believe that the treat cabinet was an issue, either. Good heavens, Mary. Do people have nothing to do but stir up trouble?

I think grandma's are supposed to spoil. Period. And I am. :)

Happy Thursday. Hugs, friend.

Brad said...

Hello Friend! I hope you & yours are all well & happy - We're all good here.

So I'm guessing those who would advise against having a treat cabinet never had Grandmothers. Poor Dears. Bless their tiny, cold hearts.

Cheryl said...

I also find it hard to believe that people would complain about your treat cabinet. Why say anything at all? You're creating a memory that will always stay with your grand kids and your kids. You must have a lot of willpower not to regularly raid your cabinet!

Stay warm! Be well!