Friday, December 10, 2010

Title? What Title??

The good news is the South is still sunny. The bad news is it is cold. It could be worse. We could have an ice storm topped with a foot of snow. Not much else to say about that.

James, the seven year old, has a bad case of strep throat. The other members of their household are being checked. Both Jesse and Mommy have sore throats. Keith (daddy) was not feeling well last evening. All that family needs is a long visit from the strep demon. Our youngest grandchild, Mav who lives in WI, is recovering from pneumonia and ear infections. Maddie, our little granddaughter who lives in AZ, was well when we last talked to her mommy. We love our little families and want them all to be well and happy. All four of the young ones are ready and waiting for Santa. (update: Mommy is just back from doctor and she also has strep.)

Christmas shopping is done. I have a couple of bake-to-give gifts to make. I'll do that closer to Christmas. I have a few Christmas things the boys have made over their few years. Those things are on the buffet and dropleaf table in the living room. That's our decorating this year. The kids have a big Christmas tree with no more room for ornaments. Harry and I will just enjoy theirs if we begin to feel Christmas tree deprived. I bought a new HO train set before
Jesse was born. My plan was to have a train running under our tree when the grandchildren were old enough to appreciate it. This year I faced reality and gave the train to Keith for their tree. (The reality is that Harry and I are more comfortable without a lot of "stuff" to put up and take down. We're old farts, you know.)

I know this is just dry mundane blogging. It's all I have. Maybe next time I'll have something exciting or newsy to write about.

Meantime, take care and know that I appreciate all my readers.


C.A. said...

Thanks for posting Mary. It's always nice to see that you've blogged. :) I hope your Holiday Season is happy and peaceful.

Big Hugs...

Cindi ANn

Happyone :-) said...

Hope everyone is better by Christmas.
We got our first dusting of snow today though it was all gone in a hour which was fine by me.

Smocha said...

Hope everyone gets well quickly.

I'm with you, less is more :)

Jamie said...

This time of year seems to be so hard on the children, they are always sick. I told my daughter the other day that the first fifteen years that I was a mother, someone was ALWAYS sick on Christmas. A time or two, they all were.

I still enjoy decorating --- one tiny corner of my apartment. I can put it all up and take it down in under an hour. Oh how I used to love decorating for this time of year when my kids were little...but like all things, there is a time for that.

Have a beautiful Christmas Mary. Big hugs. :)

Tee said...

I hope you sick one get well soon. That strep throat can be bad. I used to get sick every single year at Christmas until I finally put two and two together and realized it was the real tree we were bring into our house. When we got a fake tree all the Christmas sickness stopped. I'm with you on all the decorations. The only thing I have out is my grandmother's gum drop tree. I had extra gum drops for the base, but have discovered Hubby has eaten every last one of them.