Saturday, March 26, 2011

Digger's Construction Site

I read blogs almost every day but seldom post my own blog.  My life has become so routine that there's really nothing to write.  I thought someone just might stop by who would find this little video a bit entertaining.  The fish is my Gobbie who I named "Digger."  In the video he is sifting sand and finding little pieces of rubble to build his house.  You can watch as he finds a pebble and carries it to his construction site.  The stack of rubble and shells is the house he's building.  He sleeps in (under) it at night after he goes inside and closes the door. 


Jamie said...

What a great little video Mary! Isn't nature just so perfect? Animals and every species always know exactly what to do and how to go about it. I always believe that is such a miracle.

Happy Sunday. (Gathering day?) Hugs. :)

Josie said...

That is just so cute, Mary! I totally enjoyed watdching this little guy at work. I agree with Jamie, and in watching my first-time mama cat know exactly how to be a good mother. Sad that people aren't always born with that same instinct, isn't it?!

My life can be pretty boring and routine too... truth is, I like it that way. I've had enough commotion and drama to last a lifetime! If you feel the urge to write, you might try doing something for one of my pages... Monday Memories, Tuesday Tributes, or Write A Letter Wednesday. The links are in the sidebar of my page. By the time you get to our age there are plenty of good memories to share! :-)

Josie said...

What a lovely verse you added to my post about the kittens. You captured the essence of all that I love about them! Thank you for stopping by and sharing!