Sunday, March 27, 2011

Digger's Morning Routine

Yesterday's post was a video of Digger building a house.  He finished his abode and slept in it last night.  This morning he's cleaning house.   (Video below)  This evening he'll go inside and pull sand over his door until morning.  When he wakes up he'll begin the routine all over again.  Can you relate?  House cleaning is NEVER finished. 


Jamie said...

Yep--it's just like home.

Happy Monday, friend. :)

Happyone : ) said...

Digger is a busy little fish. You picked a good name for him. A cute video.
Reminds me I'd better go and get some of my own housework done. : )
Enjoy your day, Mary.

Cheryl said...

I can see why you like your tanks so much. There's so much to see!

SOUL said...

LBF!! thank you for lettin me know you are ok !! thank GOD for that. if you need anything or if there is anything i can do - let me know/ i'm sure there isn't much, from here that will help. but as soon as the phones are workin and you can get a call out please call me. i'm always thinkin bout ya -- but now i really need to hear your voice ok.
love ya buches my friend!!!
stay safe !

prayers to you n harry and the rest of the clan