Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Latest Scoop From Here

I’m sure everyone knows middle and north Alabama was victim to historic tornadoes last Wednesday (April 27). The warnings began around 2 AM and were constant until after 10 PM. It wasn’t unusual to have two or three warnings being tracked at the same time. While I haven’t read an official statement, reports that at least 4 tornadoes met the criteria for F4 and one F5. There were numerous others that were smaller but still destructive. There is no such thing as a little tornado!!! You’ve heard all the statistics and seen the videos so this is all I need to write about the storms. Bottom line – Much of North Alabama is in shambles as are many other areas from Tennessee to Virginia..

As for our little family, we are well. No damage worth mentioning. Everyone is safe. We’re just doing what everyone else is doing – trying to keep the necessities of life moving along with no electric power and most businesses unable to operate. We do have a generator that is keeping water circulation in our live reef tanks, running the refrigerator/freezer, and allowing Internet access. (The live reefs are a total of 700 gallons of water and a wide variety of tank raised live coral and fish. Without water circulation everything would die.)

I could write volumes about individual stories but those are online.  Here are some things brought to our attention during the past few days:

1. If you open the storm door and leaves, flower petals, and seedpods, etc, blow into the room. It doesn’t matter – so what!! Just calm down and walk over them and be glad that you still have a floor.  Leave the broom where it is!  Just be careful to not trip on the heavy duty extension cords running to the generator.

2. Keep an extra full tank of propane or large bag of charcoal for your grill. That alone could make you the envy of your neighborhood.  Share!!

3. Pier candles work best if you don’t have other light. A pier candle that is 2-3 inches across and no more than 6 inches high work better than regular candles. They can be set on an oven proof plate and placed in your bathtub or kitchen sink. At least you are fairly safe from fire and can walk safely around your house.

4. The little inexpensive solar yard lights make excellent night lights without an open flame. Of course you do have to take them outside to be sure they are charged – assuming you have a bit of sunlight.

5. If your dishwasher is sitting idle think about using it for a drying rack for those dishes you have to wash in the sink. Harry thought of this after seeing me draining dishes on the counter atop towels.  This sure does keep a neater counter.

6.  It's a good idea to fill your vehicle's gas tank when it reaches 3/4 full.  Without power stations can't pump gas. 

Most of all, we are reminded of how blessed we are.  So many folks have real challenges ahead.  We, on the other hand, have only minor inconveniences.

We appreciate the email from so many.  I was able to respond to everyone this morning.  If I missed anyone please know that we truly appreciate all concern, prayers, and happy thoughts.  It's time for me to sign off with thanks to one and all.


Jamie said...

I am so happy to hear that you are okay --- I was worried about you. :)

I love you attitude, but it's not surprising, coming from you. You always think of others first.

I hope that life can return to normal very soon. Big hugs, friend.

Happyone : ) said...

You posted some really good advice there.
I am so glad to hear that you and your family are safe. Hope things get back to normal soon for you all.
Of course prayers have and are being said for you and everyone.

Cheryl said...

Soul filled me in on your ordeal. I'm so glad you're ok!!!

SOUL said...

just sayin howdy -- and sendin big hugs your way. lots of love to you and yours
(that's somethin for you to think about other than the 'stuff' your dealin with)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thank God you and yours are OK. This is a time when you find out what your neighbors are really like...and blessed are the people who have you for a neighbor.Will be keeping you in my prayers too. God Bless.

Tee said...

Oh my. I thought about you during all the storms. So glad you are okay and only dealing with the inconvenience of no power.

We too were dodging storms as well over here in GA. We had our emergency bag at the door ready to run to the basement. Fortunately, we didn't have to.

My heart goes out to all the people that lost loved ones and their homes. We are so blessed.