Thursday, September 22, 2011

NOT Just Another Day

Last post was 9 August - It's already 22 Sep.  Have I been silent that long?  Yes, I guess I have.  Just goes to prove that nothing - absolutely nothing - worth writing about ever happens in my world.

It's nothing earth shattering, but let me tell you about the kitty that is getting a lump of coal in her stocking this Christmas.

Night before last said kitty decided to sleep against my shoulder and half on my pillow.  I woke up at 3:30 uncomfortable and aggravated.  I got up, made coffee and began my day.  (I've been making window coverings for one of our bedrooms.)  Because I was wrapped up in my project and because I'm not at all opposed to leaving our bed unmade I didn't look at the bed until we were ready for bed.  Yuck!!  Cat hair all over my pillow and sheets.  No way was I sleeping in that mess.  I stripped the sheets and went to the linen closet for fresh sheets.  That's when the drama began.

Now, I always thought that my linen closet was probably the neatest closet in the house.  I proudly opened the door and reached in.  Nothing looked the way it should.  Not really, anyway.  At a glance all was well but on closer inspection I realized that everything was pushed to the front of shelves.  The sheets seemed to be in disarray at the back of shelves.  Blankets were lumpy.  You get the picture.  The kitty-in-disgrace had been opening the door, climbing behind stacks of linen, and leaving copious cat hair behind.  When one place was haired over she just moved to a clean place and repeated the process.  At some point, she fluffed blankets, curled up on them, and added another layer of warmth.  (I did have a set of clean king sheets in my donation stash because they are not a fit for our thick mattress.  Just one of the things to be thankful for.)

I have to admit that since I've gotten lazy I have been stripping the bed when I get up, washing the bedding during the day, and putting it back on the bed before bedtime.  No folding sheets.  Good deal, huh?

Today I took everything out of the linen closet.  Sorted all the sets, washed part of them, and readied a sizable donation of almost new sheet sets.  I have way too many double bed sets and only one double bed.  I'm keeping three sets and donating nine.  The donations are ready to go.  Tomorrow I wash, fold, and return the rest of my linen to the closet.  I might add that Miss Kitty, will not be able to open the door in the future. 

That was my day.  How was yours?


SOUL said...

i'm sorry that i'm late getting over here-- as usual , your day sounds much like a day in soul land. who woulda thunk it right? just us. cuz we are us you know. i sure do love you ya know. thanks for the laugh . i am sorry to admit that it was at your expense. but we both know - you have had your fair share at mine :))
darn furry friends- i think they torment us on purpose !
i hope you have a more restful day today today !
i think of you often - i bet you know that already -
big hugs to you my LBF!

Cheryl said...

Bad kitty!!
I only have two sets of sheets, on purpose. I usually use only one and like you, put the newly laundered sheets right back on the bed so I don't have to fold them. It makes perfect sense to me.

Happyone:-) said...

I always wash and put my sheets back on the bed the same day too. I hang mine outside and love the smell.

Oh what a bad kitty!

Tee said...

Being the cat lover/person that I am I found this hilarious. I know you didn't think so, but having had cats for the past 30 years or so I know how they are. You have to keep them out of the linen closet. That was one of my cats' favorite places, the other place was behind the books in the bookcase. Kitty prompted you to donate all those double bed set, so it wasn't all bad. :-)