Monday, October 10, 2011

Moving Right Along

Things have been busy here.  Harry and I went to Memphis for a reef keepers shin-dig but not to Beal Street.  Darn it all.  He said it would be too much for me.  Never mind the facts - I just wanted to listen to the blues.

I've been working towards re-doing the room that was left open (not empty) when Joe moved out.  Progress is very slow - but progress is movement in the right direction.  I'm concentrating on the closet right now.  It has a new coat of paint (walls and trim), carpet removed, tack strip out (Harry did that for me), and toe moulding removed.  I still have to paint the baseboards; clean old paint off the toe moulding and put a new finish on it; and clean the hardwood.  Then I'll have an empty space ready for organizer, racks, and cubbies.  For me, a closet is the hardest thing to re-do. 

The boys and their parents went to the beach for fall break.  Jesse came back  with a bad case of swimmer's ear.  Tomorrow he'll see the doctor and we'll go from there.  Jesse just turned nine and Keith will turn eight at the end of the month.  Jesse is tall as me now and James isn't far behind him.  How time does fly!!!  Everyone, please note that grandchildren seem to grow up much faster than your own kids.  Take every opportunity to spend time with them,

Kitty has been such a good girl since her foray into the linen closet that I canceled the lump of coal.

Take care and enjoy every moment.  My best to everyone.


Jim and Sandie said...

I'm so glad kitty redeemed herself. And thank you for the comment on my blog. It's neat to hear from people who have had relatives who lived the history that I've been exploring. It was a terrible, terrible thing.

Closets are always such a pain. Too small, so many shelves, have to stand on your head to do stuff. Hang in there, it'll get done.

Jamie said...

What a delightful post from you! And yea!---kitty is back in your good graces. :)

Re-doing anything in a closet is a problem, they are just awkward.

Have a wonderful day Miss Mary. Thank you for the grandchild advice. I will definitely take it.

Big hugs. :)

Happyone:-) said...

Don't I know it. My oldest grandchild has just moved out and is now sharing an apartment with a friend. He is 20 and seems to have grown up overnight!!

Think of the sense of accomplishment you will have once you get done with that closet!!

Tee said...

If I lived close to you I would love to help you do your closet. I think that is the most fun, seriously. I'm not being sarcastic. I have reorganized several of our closets, added additional shelves, created double hanging, etc.

If you are like me, vertically challenged, most everyone is as tall or taller than me, including kids when they are about nine or ten.

So glad little kitty is back in your good graces. It's hard to be mad at a cat. I still miss my kitties so much, but I'm not ready to risk losing another one out on the road.

SOUL said...

good to see ya busy -- it's a good sign. well. it is somewhere. :))
don't overwork yourself though.. it sounds like ya might be doin a little too much. want me to come help?
speakin of kids gettin tall - me and soulkid spent the day together today , and i noticed she's almost taller than i am. i was socked - and she wouldn't accept the fact that she could still be growing .in fact she didn't accept it. she 'was wearing heels ' :)) yeh ok. - half inch heels.. i'll give her that. :))

i miss you - big texas hugs to you and the big H

SOUL said...

not socked - sHocked. geesh.

SOUL said...

come see me :)) you just missed my post looks like-
hows things in the reefer home :))