Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Crisis to Face

The boys fall break was the week before Columbus Day and they took their parents to Panama City Beach for five days.  Below is a picture Daddy took of Mommy and the boys.  Left to right:  James, Jesse, and Mary. 

This is a pic Keith took yesterday of himself and Jesse.  They built a camp fire in their fire pit and cooked lunch after church and before coming to our house.

Jesse is as tall as me (5'1") at nine years old.  It's probably not unusual for a nine year old to be that tall.  I just notice it because I'm short.  Very few folks are short as me.

The news from our corner of the world isn't great.  Keith is undergoing surgery on Wednesday of this week for cancer.  We're all concerned and praying for a good outcome.  Beyond that, we just have to leave it in the hands of a higher power.  We would appreciate all thoughts/prayers for the best outcome possible.  I'm pretty worried but doing well. 

Since I really can't think of anything else to say, I'll sign off for now.


Happyone:-) said...

Oh Mary, I am so sorry. I will certainly say prayers for Keith, you and your family!!

Tee said...

Mary, I'll be praying for Keith and all the medical team involved in his surgery.

SOUL said...

you know i'm right beside you mary. through good times , and the very worst. i hope the docs are able to get 'it' all ! i'm praying hard for all of you. you're living proof of miracles - don't forget that -
biggest hugs and lots of love to you and yours
your LBFF-

SOUL said...

hiya - just swingin thru to say howdy -- howdy !! i hope the day is bein good to you
love ya LBF