Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello to Everyone

I haven't written in a while but trust me I haven't been on vacation! I've been overwhelmed with getting the new tanks ready to receive our live corals. Believe me, it is no simple operation. True, Harry does all the work. That leaves all the worrying to me and I cover all the bases. Tomorrow is "cut-over " day. We'll finally be able to move the coral from the damaged tank into their home.

Unfortunately, the work doesn't end there. There's still the damaged 225 gal tank, stand, and hood to have removed from the house. Then the painting, redecorating, and cussing (by me) will start. Oh dear me, when will it all end?

Do you remember that I received a cutting of the rose that bloomed in the horrible wreckage from New Orleans' Katrina disaster? The plant has almost covered the trellis that Harry built for it. It is beginning to bloom. Below is the first rose for this year. The flowers produced by this plant are so delicate and sweet - no wonder our maker chose this plant to spread hope in a storm ravaged city.

I hope to catch up reading about the things happening in my blogging friends' lives in the next day or two. Gee Whiz, I hope everyone hasn't forgotten me.


Cheryl said...

Like we could forget you. Never!

I bet you can't wait for this never-ending project to finally end. I can't wait to see the finished results and hope it turns out better than you dreamed. That good!

The rose is indeed lovely :)

Tee said...

You have not been forgotten!

How are you going to get the 225 gals. of water out of the old tank? Bucket by bucket? I'm assuming you are not transferring the water to the new tank, right? Take photos and post them.

happyone said...

Oh Mary, how could we ever forget you!! :-)
Hope your done with your project soon.
The rose is absolutely lovely!

Brad said...

I hadn't heard you got that cutting - what a wonderful symbol and how neat that you have a part of it.

Sorry about the old tank, I suppose it's not something you can just decorate around. Not like you could just toss a doily on it and call 'er good eh?