Thursday, April 2, 2009

Note From "Ain't Nothin' Happ'ninville"

Sunshine is gone and storms are approaching. Looks as though we may get hail like Dallas/Ft Worth had a day or two ago. Fun, fun, fun!! Just hope no tornado.

Absolutely no progress is being made towards completion of the reef tank project. The fellow who is building the tanks and cabinets is a true craftsman but he has no idea how to schedule projects or meet deadlines. I can say that the price is right and we appreciate that. Reef tanks are expensive to set up, balance water quality, and populate. Harry is an expert so none of that falls under my job description. Meantime, we're living in what is close to bedlam. Funny how it no longer bothers me. Never did seem to rattle Harry - men, you know.

On another note: I decided to buy a couple of Vera purses, wallets, and a tote. I've been carrying the old leather coach bags, etc., left over from when I was a career gal. They were appropriate then but I'm ready for fun "stuff." I selected two separate patterns: Caffe Latte and Yellow Bird. (Not planning to use them together.) Silly, I know, but darn it all anyway - I'm tired of the heavy leather no matter how nice or practical. I plan to spring the new look on the kids this weekend. They'll think Nana has lost her ever lovin' mind.

I have a chicken pot pie in the oven for dinner. That and a salad will suffice this evening. If storms come and kill the electricity, this family will have a good meal. I really don't think that'll happen - but just in case. This mind set is what happens when you live ten years in the mountains and have to consider blizzards from late fall to mid spring. Old habits die hard.

Time to close and find a comfy place to read and wait for dinner time. If you like our menu this evening, I wish you could join us. Have a safe and happy evening.


Brad said...

You and 'heavy leather' there's a great mental image!

CPP sounds like the perfect meal for a stormy night. Stay snug!

josie2shoes said...

I wish I could join you for dinner too, Mary. John has a lodge meeting this evening and I think I'll settle for a bowl of cereal. There are enough dirty dishes awaiting my attention before bedtime. But perhaps I'll stir up some muffins for our breakfast, he enjoys coming home to the smell of something baking in the oven.

Sorry that the reef tank project drags on. My "get the house in order" project goes the same and there is no one to blame but us. I have learned to overlook the clutter and feel good about making a little progress at a time slowly and surely. You will love it when it's done.

Curling up with a good book - my idea of heaven! Hope those storms leave you alone.

Cheryl said...

I had Trader Joe's potato chips and then ice cream for dinner. Your's sounded better, but mine was delicious. I made my daughter a proper dinner and ate mine while she was upstairs. Don't tell.

happyone said...

I do like your menu and really do wish I could pop over. :-)
I love Vera bags and have quite a few. One of my favorites is Pink Elephant.

Dear Liza said...

Oh Mary --- that menu sounds wonderful, and if I could, no doubt I would be there. You wouldn't even have to cook, I would just love a few hours to sit over coffee...and talk, in person, to someone I admire so very much.

Happy weekend my friend. :)

Tee said...

You dinner sounds delicious! I've made a big pot of homemade soup and cornbread.

The new bags sound like lots of fun. I too have dumped by heavy leather bags since retirement for something more fun and lighter, it's better for my back and shoulders. :-)