Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Status of Our World

Finally we have a bright, sunny day. It's cool and we had low thirty temps last night but - at 62 degrees - it's not unpleasant.

The three new reef tanks, cabinets, and hoods are now in place. There is still a lot to do before they are ready for livestock (coral, invertebrates, fish) but at least we have control over when and how tasks are completed. I can hardly wait for everything to be completed so I can, at last, commence getting the rest of the house is a semblance of order.

Our kitty, Zennia, is both interested and cautious about the new "goings-on" around here. It's amusing to watch her explore with caution. We're not sure she is pleased with the whole operation.

As you can tell, I don't have much to blog about. When you are tied to one thing for several days/weeks it's not easy to think of new - much less - interesting things to write. I do visit blogs and occasionally comment. I think of all my blog friends and want them to all be healthy, happy, and ready to enjoy the coming warmer months. Later . . . .


josie2shoes said...

I'm so glad for you that the tanks have finally arrived! I know how it feels to have the house in disorder because the first piece of the jigsaw puzzle has yet to fall into place. We are in a similar state, waiting for the shed which will become a workshop to be moved to our lot this weekend, so that we can relocate shop stuff from the storage shed and then things from the house into the storage shed, and maybe at last have a little room to organize the house clutter! And oh yes, the kitty cats are dismayed by things being rearranged in their world, not to mention that new furry face in their midst! :-) Sometimes no big news really is good news - peaceful life is wonderful! Have a blessed Easter!

Tee and Hubby said...

I know it is driving you crazy to have your house out of order. It does me.

Our weather over here in the Atlanta area has warmed up enough to cut grass. Hubby finally got the lawn mower in halfway running order, so I got elected to use it. The polland is terrible, so I looked like some thing from outter space--cloth hospital mask, my normal glasses with goggles over them and a ball cap. I just couldn't handle breathing all that yellow stuff. Grass looks better and my eyes aren't burning.

I have a little pillow in a chair at the top of my stairs that says, "Don't do anything that upsets the cat." After all they are superior to humans. LOL!

We are looking forward to a busy weekend and a really busy week next week. There is some thing to do every single day from Sunday to the following Saturday. This sounds too much like work. We need to slow down. :-) I'm so thankful we are healthy and able to be so busy.

Dear Liza said...

I think it sounds like ALOT is happening there..and I think you must be very excited to get this all finished and get your life back to normal. I also think you handle it all so well. Hugs to you friend. :)

Tee said...

Let's make that pollen, what was I thinking--polland?!! Looks like I was spelling in shorthand.

Cheryl said...

This was the first year I didn't do anything for Easter. It was fine. Quiet. I miss the company of my neighbor and her family and friends, but that's life. Glad yours was busy and full of life!