Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello World! Are You Still There?

It's been six days since I sat down to write on my blog. There has been lots to write about but - well, I don't know why I've been lax.

The show here is ongoing. A bit of progress has been made but we still haven't made a dent in the overall job. Everything I start to do has to wait until something else is done. It's a never ending circle. What a ride!!

My computer is now sitting in front of one of the sunroom windows. I can see the back yard alive with squirrels, birds, a bunny, and - (oh no, weeds!!) - trees almost leafed out. I have a lawn care company scheduled to make the front borders summer ready. It's a big help to have that done for me. I will have to complete the planting (as I planned) to finally have everything in ground.

I've been walking around the house making decisions about which things I'll keep and which will have to find new loving homes. A couple of items have been adopted and I'm so very thankful for that. Every little thing that is eliminated counts towards a successful finish.

In the midst of all the activity, I'm having a flare with my hip, knee, and hand. Uncle Arthur does love old injuries and visits on a regular basis. He's a hateful old coot! Doesn't he realize that I'm too busy to entertain him? I hope he leaves before I have to throw steroids at him.

As you can tell, I'm more than a bit out of sync. I still remember and appreciate all my blogging friends and the potential for new friends, as well. Don't forget me and visit again when you have time.


Dear Liza said...

Good morning Mary, I sincerely hope Uncle Arthur has packed his goodbye bags by now. When I was still living in my house, I LOVED the feeling of "out with the old"...and not so much "in with the new". I was seriously on a rip and tear and got rid of so much that had been hanging on for way too many years. It felt wonderful. I hope you can get the same from your "get rid of it" tour.

Hugs and love, friend. J.

Mary said...

Good morning, Jamie;

I feel good everytime something that's been "hanging on" leaves the house. I'm at a bit of a stand still waiting for the new tanks to be ready to accept the corals and fish from the damaged 225 gal reef. When that happens the door is wide open for a mass "get-rid-of" - it'll happen in a cloud of dust. (I've quit cleaning until this is all over.)

Tee said...

Mary, I'm sorry you are having problems with Arthur! Ask your doctor to prescribe Voltaren Gel (diclofenac sodium topical gel) 1%. My Mom's dr. just gave her a sample of this along with a written Rx. I just mailed the Rx away because she said it helps! It can be used on hips, knees and feet. It's worth a try. Be sure to ask for a sample before you buy the Rx.

I need to declutter my house. I'm just trying to figure out to to get more space in my kitchen. I could use a walkin closet in the master bedroom as well. LOL!

Cheryl said...

Oh to have a yard service! I'm nervous just thinking about mulch, but I've got some time. I don't put anything down till the pear tree drops all it's petals, and it's just budding now. I need to make an appointment.

You're not forgotten here. Some of us (me) haven't been great about keeping up either. Life gets in the way.

Happy Sunday1

Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary Ruth: Glad to see your back in action kido. Sounds like spring has sprung...Can't wait to see photos of the new tank.<(((>< James and Kays daughter Lynn was here in the San Diego area last weekend and we had a great visit.Went to Old Town for Mex food and The Hotel Del Coronado. Had a good time what a great lady. Where is the Vioxx when we need it?...Ricky

Brad said...

I'm p[ositivly chomping at the bit to get in the garden and start planting. Wish theweather would cooperate! Folks up in the plateu about 30 min. from us got 5" of snow over the weekend.

The brass is coming along and looking good. I'm taking a day of to let my elbow stop hurting!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary! I was just wondering how things are going with the tanks and all the big changes. Hope you are feeling perky again. Change does get overwhelming sometimes doesn't it?
I am still here, and I do think about you my friend. You always give me good advice.

Big Hug,

SOUL: said...

hope you're feelin better.
maybe aunt arthur needs to kick uncle arthurs arse for ya? could work. or maybe get a hot tub. wouldn't that be nice? i sure wish i had one.
course that isn't very conducive to decluttering. is it?
my baby came home today!!!
she even said the house looked nice. :))
hope she helps keep it that way.

i know i don't get here much lately-- but that will change soon. life is slowin down to a quiet rumble.

kid's home, group is over on friday. there's some good with the bad-- but i see my life within reach again. so this is a good thing-
i miss you--and all my friends.
pretty soon, you'll be sick-0-me

i do think of you often... hope you are well and happy