Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Night in Old Folk's Country

Here I am with still not much new to write about. The bathroom is once again functional and in full use. I still have to decide on the window treatment and a couple of small things but the big jobs are complete. I will post pictures but I want to wait until the project is completely complete.

I have to admit that I don't remember exactly what I've written about for the last couple of weeks but if I've written this before - I'm writin' it again. (old folks do tend to repeat themselves) With the closing of the old 225 gallon reef (because of potential complete seam failure) and the replacement reef being built, several things in our house will be rearranged/re-purposed/redecorated. It's a BIG job and will be stressful for a long time but this is the absolute last time I'll ever do this. Another journey in the life of an adventurer has begun.

We're having spring like weather but by mid week the tide will turn and cold weather will drift back. At least that's what the weather dude tells us. I know some of you are really suffering with the snow, ice, and cold. Here, in my neck-o-th-woods, winter is just a minor inconvenience.

Tomorrow is our gathering day. Buddy, Sarah, and Mav are driving to Nashville to visit with family so we won't have a baby to play with. I'm sure James and Jesse will be happy to tell us all about their week and show us a few things they've learned - maybe ask a few questions, too. I love it!! It'll be nice to see the grown up kids as well. I haven't decided on a menu but I'm toying with the idea of having our meal brought in. I'm truly tired but look forward to the diversion and change of pace that the kids bring. I look forward to their visit all week. Wish you could be here to join the fun - always room for one or two more.

I'm going to bed as soon as I publish this post. Don't forget to "Spring Forward." Goodnight.


Dear Liza said...

Oh my - you are right, it is time to spring forward...I hate the time change, is that a sign of old age, too? It sounds like your life is keeping you way busy Mary. You handle it so well. Hugs, friend. :)

Tee said...

YES! We are going back on "fast" time. I HATE standard time. Love the longer days.

Can you believe the difference in the weather? Last week we had snow, and today it was 73 degrees. That's surprising because it's race weekend and the weather is usually terrible on race weekend. The traffic is terrible with all the race fans. I shouldn't complain, it helps the economy.

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Have a great Sunday Mary. I can't wait to see the new pictures. I will soon post the pictures of our island three sided fireplace. We had this goofy plan to have it converted into a reef tank. The cost was going to be astronomical and we nixed that idea pretty fast. I am still longing to have fish again. Maybe I will just have to get a plain tank with one giant cichlid and call it a day.

Mary said...

Tee, I wish we were among all those race fans. TV will just have to make our racing viewing exciting.

Mary said...

Sue, The cost of a reef is unbelievable to set up and balance. However, once that is done the reef is very inexpensive and not at all labor intensive. We're currently having a U shape reef built for our sunroom. It will replace our crippled 225 gal reef with a total of 480 gal. The new cabinets will be a natural pine finish which is more compatible with the sunroom than the more formal cabinets.

Cheryl said...

It's a beautiful day here in MD. I hope you're having a great Sunday.


it sounds very nice.

spring ahead time always messes with the boys..and sure as gravy they've been little crazies all day today.

at least bed will be early.

happyone said...

I wish we could just leave the clocks alone and let the time be. Now I'll be walking in the dark again.
I would love to spend a Sunday afternoon at your house! :-)