Sunday, March 1, 2009

S N O W in the South

Pictures worth more than words. It's not much but it's what we have. Better than nothing. Right? Compare the first picture to the header picture.
Here's to a happy Sunday and a better week ahead.


Tee said...

WE HAVE SNOW TOO!!!!! I suppose to be doing a post about it, but I'm checking all my southern blog buddies to see if they have snow as well, and they DO! It's snowed most all day here, but the temp has been right at 34 degrees. Just want until it gets dark and all that slush is going to be ICE. There will be no school in Georgia tomorrow. I hear all the kids laughing now.

Dear Liza said...

I used to think that snow was I have just grown to hate it. However, in your area--it does look nice. And one thing for sure, you know it won't last long, not there. But on with Spring, I say!


happyone said...

We are getting snow too and I wish it would just go away. :-)
Hope the water problem with shower is fixed by now.

josie2shoes said...

It's so wonderful that you, Tee and Andrew got to enjoy a visit from the white stuff. We haven't had a single snowfall this year and I'm feeling left out! :-)

Anonymous said...

No snow here Mary, but lots of chilly nights. I am glad to see that you you finally got your bathroom finished. I've been away, but our reno is finished too. Nice to read you again!


Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm sorry I can't share your delight. I'm so sick of snow at this point I'm ready for the funny farm. This has been a very bitter, unrelenting winter. I never remember one this bad and I'm an old bird! I hope its had its fun and we won't see it so harsh again for many years. I'm am OH-SO-READY for green and flowers!!! Hope all goes well in your little corner of the world...once the shower is fixed. No one takes pride in their work anymore...its a shame!
Can you hear me going tsk tsk? LOL

Brad said...

Are those single family homes across the street ? Boy howdy they're big!

We have had thick rain but luckily that's all! Hope the grandkids got a chance to play in it!

Mary said...

Brad, The houses are single family homes. Houses in the neighborhood are between 2800 and 3500 sq ft. Mine is one of the smaller homes - we are a single level home.