Saturday, February 28, 2009

Might As Well Laugh

Hello, everyone. I think I must be living an I Love Lucy story. I'd try to explain it all but that would take the whole night and I'm just about to fall asleep at the wheel - so to speak.

Short version - picture this. Harry is the chosen one to have the pleasure of the first shower in the newer version of our master bath. He turns on the water, undresses, checks the water temp, seems fine, steps in - then it happens - the water is cold. Jump back! Adjust the water, feels fine, steps forward - super hot - jump out of shower and yell. Does that paint a picture? It seems that something went wrong in the installation and the gizmo that mixes the water is not functioning properly. Those are my words - I don't dare print Harry's words or I'd be put in blogland exile. Plumbers will be here Monday to correct the problem. I'm so tired of this mess that I could see the beauty of a galvanized tub on the screen porch. Only old folks will understand that comment.

Sarah and Baby Mav are sick with a flu-like bug. Both have seen the doctor and are on meds. I went out there this afternoon to be with Mav while Sarah got a much needed nap. At least I was out of the house for a while. Mav is a bit fussy but still a little treasure. I enjoyed my time with him.

All is well on the home front other than all the above and the stress of taking care of a badly failed reef tank and all the related clutter.

Now I'm going to bed before I find myself asleep with my face in the keyboard. Good Night to all.


josie2shoes said...

If I got the hot/cold shower treatment my words wouldn't be fit for printing either, Mary! :-) I know you will love your new bathroom once you get all the kinks worked out, but it sure can be a patience-trying experience, can't it? Yup, those old galvanized tubs had their advantages, I love things that operate simply. Not much of that anymore.

Glad that Mav and Sarah have meds to fight off that stuff. Hope both will feel much better soon. You are such a sweet grandma to give her some much needed naptime!

Tee said...

I would be really upset over the failure of the new shower! I bet it wasn't a cheap project!!!!! Yep, the first call of the day would be to the installer!

Hope all your sick people are soon well. They have to get better to play in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary: I guess the garden hose in the snow covered back yard for a bath is out of the question. Be thankful for the second bathroom. I can remember all the times I resorted to the hose out side for baths during remodels. Glad I never had to deal with the snow in our corner of the world,except to drive to it an hour ya kid.........Ricky

Cheryl said...

That must have been so frustrating with the water temps. Like you said, might as well laugh. Hope the sick ones are better soon. Glad they're on meds. Did you enjoy your white stuff? It sure is pretty.

Brad said...

Sometimes simple is best (glav. tubs) Thank you for the sweet birthday greetings!