Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In a "Wait" Situation

I've caulked and painted myself into a "wait" situation. I could be busy with other things but I decided to take the rest of the day off. Harry is cooking this evening. It's to the shower and pajamas for me as soon as I pusha-da-button and publish this. Later I intend to catch up on reading blogs - unless I fall asleep with my face in my dinner plate, that is.

Ricky surprised me with a series of pictures that he shot while on a business trip. I'm posting one because I think it's so interesting. The picture is taken from Corona, CA, with Mt Baldy (tops at 10,500 ft) as the subject. I was taken with the palm trees backed by snow. Isn't Mother Nature wonderful? Ricky, I enjoy your sharing pictures with me. Thank you.

Ricky, I'm also posting a picture (below) of the painting your mother did. I decided it needed a more important frame. What do you think. This painting means more to me than words can tell. Thank you so much.

Now, it's off to the shower. Later, folks.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary Ruth: Glad you liked the photo. Mt Baldy was a great play ground for me as a kid in both winter and summer. I grew up at the base of Baldy just an hour from the beach in east LA county. Moms painting looks great and could not be in a better home. The frame is wonderful. If I could only photograph as good as mom painted....love ya kid...Ricky

Dear Liza said...

Beautiful photo mary---

The world is a beautiful place, isn't it?

Stop working so hard, leave it to the fella's that get paid to do it.

Hugs. :)

Tee said...

That painting is beautiful! Perfect frame.

SOUL: said...

love the pics. and the buffet thingy.
hope your day was good

Mary said...

Ricky, the picture was in a narrow buffed gold museum frame. This frame is much better for the painting.

Ladies, the picture was painted by my sister. (Ricky's mother) Ricky was kind enough to give it to me following her death. I was always this sister's pet - she never quit calling me her baby sister.

Hey don't feel sorry for me because I'm doing some of the work. It's easier on my nerves than trying to deal with the workers I've found so far.

Soul, that is an old hand made gateleg table. It's solid cherry and was made in 1860 from wood cut on the land that was part of my mother's family farm. It's one of my treasures.

Brad said...

I didn't realize you were part of the labor pool for the bathroom remodel. It does really help keep costs down.

I can see why you love that painting. We should all share our 'art' with our loved ones more.

Mary said...

Brad, I wasn't part of the labor pool when this all began. I just got tired of dealing with the plight of the people I was paying top dollar.Just a few of the stories I heard" "forgot my aunt died" "had to wait for the cable man" "thought Dave was going to be here to do that" "I need to get an advance of $$ because it's Friday and we didn't get the job completed"

I intend to use the $$ that I'm saving to treat myself to a day at the spa.

Summer said...

What a wonderful keepsake that picture is. And that table! I love it. A true family heirloom.

Dear Liza said...

Well Mary - are you still waiting?
Just wondering how it's all going..

Did you have the family over for the big race that was such a letdown in the end?

Hugs. :)

Mary said...

Jamie, I'm updating this morning. Just been busy as a little - I mean - an old fat bee.

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