Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on the Construction Site

Monday night and all is well - at least well contained and that's something. Tomorrow we go to a small town a little more than and hour away. We're taking our plans for new custom reef tanks to a prime fabricator. (He built our new frag tank and it's perfect.) Yes, I did say tankS. After hours of ideas, drawing, and discussion we came to agreement on a footprint that is a bit different. Once again, I remind you that I'm always thinking outside the box. Some folks would say that I'm just plain weird.

The big thing is that the new tanks will be in the sun room on tile floors. No more worry about the hardwood floors or the rugs. This is going to dictate that most rooms in the house will be re-arranged. Too much to try to write about. The bathroom is ready for cleanup except that the hinges for the vanity doors are on backorder. Reattaching the doors is a snap and will take less than an hour.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the type of work I've been doing so don't feel sorry for me. I will try to post every day or two and will certainly use my rest breaks to have another cuppa coffee and keep up with the activities of my blogging friends.

Stay safe and be happy.


Josie2Shoes said...

Tile floors under the tanks... much better idea, and you will surely breathe easier! A little Spring house rearranging sounds like fun. Don't work too hard though!

happyone said...

I love rearranging houses around!!
The tanks of the tile floor sounds like a good idea.

Tee said...

How about a drain in the tile floor? That would take care of the problem if the tank(s) start to leak. LOL That's just what you need another project, right?

I need to do some spring cleaning, but I've never rearranged my furniture since me moved in 32 years ago. My hubby has something about rearranging stuff, which comes from his mother rearranging their home constantly. He said he had slept in every room in their house except for the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know all is well and that you are back in action Ricky

Dear Liza said...

Yes, to have the tile floor under the tanks will help alot...I would have worried about the wood, too.

It sounds like your weeks are busy but happy. Who can ask for more?

Hope this weekend is wonderful. Hugs, friend.