Saturday, February 7, 2009

End of the Week

I wish I had something interesting to share with the world but - alas - spackle, primer, and paint do not make exciting plots. It's a slow process and when the usual day to day routine is thrown in my days are just using me up. My plan was to have my part of this growing project complete by the end of today. Not gonna happen - not gonna worry - gonna do the best I can and not get all up in the air. Projects in an old house are never easy.

We are expecting fairly warm days today through next Tuesday. That will give me a window to take the cabinet doors to the screened porch to sand them. A big help to say the least. It'll be good to be outside for a while even if it is to work.

Isn't this just the most exciting blog post you've ever read? No? I thought so. Maybe I can come up with something more interesting in the next few days. I do owe Brad a bit of trivia that he asked for a couple of posts ago. Brad, I haven't forgotten that you wanted to know about my short tenure at a TV station. I'll tell you the short version of that chapter soon.

Hope your weekend and all the days to follow are happy and care free. Thanks for stopping by.


Tee said...

Your tenure at the TV station could be a good post. You are amazing, I would never be as patient as you have been with your remodeling project.

Mary said...

Well, Tee, I have two choices - 1) Scream and act ugly; 2) Grin and bear it. The second option causes only me to have a headache. The first upsets me AND everyone around me. The walls are prep'd. Monday I should be able to get the woodwork sanded and primed. After that there's only the painting, re-organizing the room, installing the new wood blinds, and covering the new cornice.

After this project I think I'll retire from my construction job. Now I know why hired help is so undependable - this is HARD work!

Dear Liza said...

Never boring my friend!

I know how hard it is to try and update an old house...I am NOT good with any of that..I have no vision, or patience. I know that you have the gift of both.

Happy Sunday----and happy racing season!



happyone said...

I know what's it like doing projects in old houses - surprises always await you.
Though it's really nice living in a brand new place now, I really loved my old house too.
I've been meaning to say I like the bigger font size of your blog - nice and easy to read!

Cheryl said...

Hi Mary, I feel really badly that I haven't kept up with you. I'm up to date though, and will try my best to be around. Did your contractor show up after the funeral? And you sure are doing a lot of the work yourself. Talk about busy. I looked up your faucet and love it, btw.

I hope today was a good family day. I always think of you on Sundays.

Mary said...

Jamie, I really enjoy bringing things back to life - I always have - but I'm not as good as I once was. As a matter of fact, I'm not as good once as I was.

NASCAR is here! Yep, it is!!! Daytona week is about to happen. Time to sit back and try to remember who is in which car and what colors the cars are wearing in 2009. There's been a big shuffle - confusion!

Mary said...

Karen, I moved back to this house after having built a new house and living there for three years. I love this old shack but it's being a real pain to bring back after having been a rental for several years.

I love hearing about your new home. It's beautiful and seems to just fit you. Warm, welcoming, and calm.

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Cheryl, he did show up. I told him that I was sorry for his loss and he gave me a blank stare for a second. Then he came up with a line about missing her. Maybe true - I give him the benefit of accepting his story.

I am doing a lot of the work myself but it keeps me active and doing something a bit physical. Isn't the Delta Lahara line cool? It really looks as good installed.