Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here In The Real World

Picture our real world this morning. Speaker above the possible waterline. Kitchen with towels ready for a possible dribble. Furniture out of place. Everywhere you look - disarray. This was my view as I was attempting to make my list for today. You did notice the clamps holding the 225 gallon salt water tank to prevent a BIG catastrophe, didn't you? So I decided to move to another chair to change the view.Folks, it ain't no better from this end of the room. This is Sunday - Family and Friends Day. I can just see it now. The adults will ignore the mess and settle in. They won't want to make a big deal of this confusion and make me feel bad. The kids will see it as an opportunity to enjoy the new possibilities.
My world and welcome to it. Have a happy Sunday. I intend to.


Cheryl said...

I know a good time was had by all. Nothing else matters.

How's the tank? That must be a pain.

Happy Monday!

Brad said...

Is that bad boy tank about to burst? Eeek!

I wish I could find a couch like yours - It's tough to find quality anymore.

Here's hoping your as stress-free as possible.

Mary said...

Cheryl and Brad, The tank gave us a sleepless night and lots of worry. 225 Gallons of water in a tank containing thousands of dollars value in coral - not to mention antique furniture in the room.

We have a plan and the tank is stable with braces and clamps. We're having a home for the corals custom built. This will take care of future problems like this. Did you know that glass will bend? I didn't but I'm so glad that it will because that's all that saved us.

Brad, I love the couch. It's at least 40 years old and was just recently reupholstered. The French chairs are probably older.