Friday, February 20, 2009

Where I Live

Only time for bullets for an update.

1) I finally have everything under control on my project . . and
2) Harry's frag tank (for baby coral) was delivered and is really pretty . . but
3) It's a lot of work to get a new tank plumbed, wired, balanced, and into service . . and
4) Last night (Thursday night) the 225 gallon tank's two top braces came loose . . but
5) It didn't give way, break, or leak . . and
6) Today we had to get clamps to keep pressure on the sides until a solution can be found.

Besides all this Jesse is pretty sick with whatever over half of his class - and his teacher - have had. Mary's fibromyalga (spelling?) is flaring. I'm having pain related to an old injury and am on meds again. Harry is ready to run in circles and say bad words - no wait, I think he already did that. I need a big Margarita but I'll be happy with a good night's sleep instead.

Nothing's happening to cause long term problems but the present surely is a jumbled mess. How's the world treating you?


C.A. said...

Thanks for the update, Mary. Soon, things will get back to normal. Everyone will be feeling well and happy and all the projects will eventually fall into place.

I'm thinking of you!


Cindi Ann

Summer said...

I'm stopping by to say hey and commiserate with you and your pain.

Tee said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. The no sleep thing will get your down. Ask your doctor for some Ambein. It's wonderful, but you better be in the bed when you take it. It acts fast and the sleep is restful.

Dear Liza said...

Oh honey - your world sounds crazy. I'll share the margarita with you...

And you are up awful early THIS morning, aren't you? You feeling okay?

Hugs..happy Sunday...