Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Only a Meme

Too tired and busy to really post. Stole this meme from Smoocha. I can answer questions a few at a time while I'm taking a break and have something to post by late today. Hope no one is stripping wallpaper today - I am!

[Have you ever...?]

Gone on a blind date? Yep, with Hoyt Axton. Blind date - Never again!
Skipped school? No, I'm a coward.
Watched someone die? Yes
Been to Canada ? Yes, Last summer. Loved it!
Been to Mexico ? Yes, Canada was more fun.
Been on a plane? More times than I can count.
Been lost? I've had many adventures - most of them happy.
Been on the opposite side of the country? Yes.
Gone to Washington, DC? Yes for weeks at a time.
Swam in the ocean? Many times.
Cried yourself to sleep? Let's not go there!
Played cops and robbers? No. Cowboys and Indians on real live horses.
Recently colored with crayons? Almost every week.
Sang Karaoke? Yes, but I didn't enjoy it.
Paid for a meal with coins only? Who hasn't.
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes, went on a blind date only once. See above.
Made prank phone calls? I take the fifth.
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Just this past weekend - coffee.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes.
Danced in the rain? Yes, it was heaven.
Written a letter to Santa Claus? Probably.
Been kissed under the mistletoe? Yes, Harry even brought the mistletoe.
Watched the sunrise with someone you care about? Yes.
Blown bubbles?Of course.
Gone ice-skating? Not that I recall.
Been skinny dipping outdoors? Yes, but I should take the fifth.
Gone to the movies? More than I can count.
Saved someone’s life? Not really.
1. Any nickname? Pugar (Sweet as sugar and mean as a booger) and Snowflake.
2. Mother’s name? Mary Ruth
3. Favorite drink? Coffee
4. Any Tattoos? Nope
5. Body piercing? Ears.
6. How much do you love your job? Not the job I'm doing today.
7. Favorite vacation spot? On the water.
8. Ever been to Africa? Does Egypt count?
9. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? Probably as a child.
10. Been on TV? Yes, I worked at a TV station for 6 miserable months.
11. Ever steal any traffic signs? No! I do not steal.
12. Ever been in a car accident? Yes, enough said.
13. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door. Thank God!
14. Favorite Salad Dressing? Depends on the salad.
15. Favorite Pie? Lemon.
16. Favorite Number? Eight
17. Favorite Movie? Tender Mercies
19. Favorite Dessert? Not very fond of desserts.
20. Favorite food? Salads:_
21. Favorite day of the week? Sunday, I get to see all the kids
22. Favorite brand of body wash? No brand - Lavender
23. Favorite toothpaste? Arm and Hammer
24. Favorite smell? Coffee, clean babies,Good male cologne.
25. What do you do to relax? Read, paint, do needlework
26. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Old - really, really old:(
27. How many siblings do you have? All deceased.
28. Furthest place you will send this message? S. America.
29. Who will respond to this the fastest? No idea.
30. Who is your favorite dog of all time? Akido!!!

Nothing to write? Try this.


Brad said...

Oh Mary, you worked at a TV station and didn't like it? I sounds like it would be fun. Would you post a story about it? It sounds really interesting.

Dear Liza said...

Okay---I HAVE to hear about the date with Hoyt Axton---Mary, that's a crack up. I am frankly surprised that no one else has asked about this, maybe I am the only OLD reader you have that would even know who he is?

Or maybe I am the only hick...or maybe I am just the only old hick.

Hugs, honey---and seriously, I have to hear about this!


Mary said...

I won't forget that I need to write about the blind date - and I will. Just not time right now. I have a list of 'things' to write about here by my computer.