Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fairy Tales and Other Interesting Stories

I hate renovation projects. Guess who called at 8:15 this morning with this news. "Mrs. Hooper, I'm so sorry that I can't get there this morning. I forgot that my aunt died and I have to go to the funeral home. I should be at your place sometime around 12:30." Me: "You forgot that your aunt died? I'm sorry for your loss. Please don't forget that our bathroom has no potty or lav and that we have a potty sitting in our bathtub." Contractor: "I'll be there this afternoon."

He forgot that his aunt died? Funeral home in the morning hours? This is one of the Better Business Bureau's top references! Lord, please help me to get through this ordeal without going stark raving mad.

Kitty is having a breakdown because of all the confusion and mess. She normally has her drinking cup sitting on the end of our bathroom vanity. (It's 5 feet long) It's now on the floor in the 2nd bathroom because there isn't room for her drinking cup and all our necessary stuff. She just doesn't understand why things changed and keeps going to the masterbath vanity and meowing. Cats are truly characters of habit and when things change they have problems adjusting.

What an adventure, this saga of the Master Bathroom!!!

I'm having Delta's stainless "Lahara" installed in both the sink and bathtub/shower. They are rumored to last at least 20 years. I certainly hope so.

Thanks for listening. Chuckle at the whole mess if you can - that's what I'm trying to do.


Brad said...

You've got the right attitude. What else can you do?

Hopefully they'll work quickly and have pride in their work!

desert dirt diva said...

dang if the guy "forgot " his aunt died, makes you wonder what else he forgets.....hope nothing to important...good luck...

Mary said...

Brad: At this point, I just hope they finish their work before next Thanksgiving!

Diva: Good point. I've been wondering the same thing.

Tee said...

I HATE it when people lie to me! Just tell the truth, for crying in the cream!!!!! I could have made up something more creative than, "I forgot my aunt died." Visitation in the morning?! Yea, right! I would have been tempted to say, "I've never heard of visitation in the morning and I'm pretty old and been around a long time and this is a first for me." "By the way, what's your aunt's name?" That would have opened a can of worms! LOL! I hope you haven't paid this guy anything yet. There has to be some way to motivate him to get that job done. I must say, I don't know if I would be able to chuckle at this situation! You are a better lady than me.

Mary said...

Tee, Sometimes I'm just speechless. This was one of them. Later the whole situation was laughable - and laugh we did. He's back and working. He'll have to finish in good order otherwise I'll forget how to write a check.

Golden To Silver Val said...

You need some SOUL food lady. See my blog for another recipe. Hope you like this one too! Hugs.

Dear Liza said...

That is a total crack up---


Happy Monday, honey.



happyone said...

I guess him and and his aunt weren't very close!! How do you forget you aunt died!!? Crazy.
So glad to be able to on line again. I sure have missed it!!!!!