Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's a cold Tuesday morning in north Alabama. Winters here tend to be cold - just not so much so. Brrrrrrrr! It's a good day to stay inside.

Yesterday Harry and I drove to a little town about an hour's drive away. Harry bought a new small tank so small corals can 'grow-up' in proper style. We went to see the shop where the tank is being built. It was a new insight to the industry. I wasn't very interested in the glass portion of the shop but the wood working was awesome. They were heating the huge shop with a wood stove - lots of scrap oak wood for fuel. Nothing is wasted in that shop. If it comes through the door it is consumed. I'm also getting our 225 gal tank cabinet re-faced and I'm really, really excited about the new improved facade.

Our Sunday gathering was really fun. The boys selected a birthday card for Harry. They signed them and drew pictures of "things Papa likes" inside and on the envelope. They also selected a birthday cupcake with a blue rose for a special cake and a large bag of special coffee as a gift. Our rule for birthdays is that adults only get cards from children old enough to know it's an adult's birthday. Harry's big cake was an Italian Creme. Talk about calories!!

Nothing other than that to write about. I think I'll catch up some small tasks today, watch the swearing in of our new president, and maybe take a nap. No cooking required today - left overs rule.

Have a good day and stay warm.


Brad said...

Happy Birthday to Harry! I like the idea of cards only from the kids who understand. Also the idea of giving adults consumable, needed presents - great idea!

Tee said...

The nap sounds like the winning suggestion! Happy Birthday Harry, hope you have many more. It's too cold to even think about getting outside, just like in your area.

Dear Liza said...

Yes - Happy Birthday to Harry!

I love left over days, too. I cook that way on purpose, if I don't feed too many of the "masses" at lunch time.

Happy Hump Day.

Hugs. :)