Saturday, January 17, 2009

Never Trust the Weatherman

It's Saturday morning and the temp is 29 degrees. The news/weather last evening was all about how our temps wouldn't be above freezing for at least two days. This morning the same weather dude had a silly smile as he said temps will be in the high 30's today and only drop to around 34 tonight. I was all ready for a cold, cold trip to Nashville. HA Never trust the weatherman.

Have a good day in your world.


Dear Liza said...

So happy for you that they weather guys are it when that happens. Well, if they predict bad weather and it doesn't materialize..not so much when unpredicted storms show up.

Have a fun and happy day today - Hugs.


Tee said...

Well, they didn't miss it here in GA. It was 12 degrees on our porch Thursday morning. Yesterday not quite as cold. It's cold enough that our cat hasn't wanted out, he wants the door cracked so he can sniff the air, but he wants to stay inside. I'm just saying, it's been cold and I'm ready for warm weather. What ever happened to global warming?!