Saturday, January 3, 2009

Three Down and All is Well

We're three days into the new year - so far, so good. Here's an overview of the first three days of my year.

1. I watched the Rose Bowl parade and three bowl games. It's the first time I've watched football in years. Ya know, it wasn't too bad. It was kinda fun to snuggle down with Harry and watch the action on TV.

2. Judy and Rick closed on their new house and are moving in this weekend. We wish it was here but - once again - I have to remember that Phoenix is their home for now.

3. I was invited to go along with Mary, Jesse, and James to the Early Works Children's Museum downtown. It was awesome! The boys had three hours of non-stop fun. I found a bench and enjoyed watching all the children play together. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the bone-heads who run this world could be peaceful with each other and play nice the way children are?

4. I've set up my checkbook/finance program (on my computer) for 2009 and it still works as well as ever. I wrote this program several years ago - back when my brain still functioned. It ain't fancy but it works well for me. Nothing fancy just plain Jane bookkeeping.

5. I'm making plans and arranging my schedule to get the infamous master bath taken care of. I've been embarrassed by it long enough. Everything is here except the floor tile. As soon as it's in house the workers will enter the picture.

Now you are up to date on the life of an old woman who is determined to make 2009 a better year than 2008.

I hope your year is beginning with a promise of being the year all problems and heartaches are solved/left behind.

Take care, my friends. Hugs to everyone.


Smocha said...

Sounds good. I know you'll be glad to have that bathroom behind

I need to quit procrastinating and go ahead and think about and plan my new year. :)


Cheryl said...

I always get a kick out of hearing you call yourself old. Hello. There's a few of us old ones here, but we're all young at heart, right?

Sounds like you're on track.

My year is not looking so up because of 'the one who makes me eat jelly beans'. Wish me luck, OK?

Dear Liza said...

Wonderful post, Mary.

Happy - AWESOME - new year to you.