Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today is the Day!

This is the day!! At least, I hope this is the day. The master bath renovation is scheduled to start this afternoon. The guys came this morning to confirm the job and sign the paperwork. If this falls through you'll hear me scream no matter where you are. All the fixtures and tile are in-house (here) so ordering those can't be an excuse to hold the work. I opted to do the painting, etc. The minute the work starts I'm off to buy the paint and primer. Wheeee! Looks as though this is the day I've been waiting for since before Thanksgiving.

Jesse will be here this afternoon while Mary takes James to music class. I don't have an activity planned so will just "play it by ear." He'll be happy with whatever we do. I do love spending time with the grandchildren. They say the cutest things and ask the hardest questions to answer. Does anyone know why our hair has to grow and make us get haircuts? Any answer I could come up with met more questions. "How does kitty know it's cold and not ask to go outside when she hasn't been out there to check it out?" You'll have a star in your crown if you can answer that one.

I gotta go study up for playtime this afternoon. Later, my friends.


Smocha said...

Oh I know you must be sooo happy and relieved!I HATE waiting. LOL

Kids do say the cutest things ,don't they:)

Can't wait to see your new bathroom!

Dear Liza said...

YEA for YOU! I know how relieved you will be to get that project finished and behind you!

Yes, kids are so smart. They always amaze me.


Brad said...

Because, my dear lad, Kitty cats watch silly humans get all bundled up to go outside. Don't you see the kitty watching you?

happyone said...

They put their noses up to the window to feel how cold the window feels. :-)