Sunday, February 8, 2009

Can't Think of a Title

Today was quieter than usual. It seems a flu like bug has bitten several of my clan and they elected to not spread the joy. Buddy, Sarah, and Mav were here to keep the old folks company. Without them Harry and I would have rattled around all day just looking confused. Old folks have a problem dealing with change, you know.

Mav is nine months old now and becoming his own little man. He has opinions about what he wants to do and where he wants to go and tries to accomplish it fast before anyone can catch him. He has seven - yes 7 - teeth and is cutting another. He's also happily cruising around as long as he can have one hand on something to steady himself. Growing up too fast, I say. Don't they all?

My projects are going very well considering that I'm not as young as I once was and that I'm dealing with an old house. This old house will never be a mansion but she is really comfortable and worn with love. I even admire some of her dents and scratches. The tile work is complete in the master bath. Thank heavens the contractors are out of here and I can finish the job myself. Speaking of tile, I only had the floor tiled. The tub has a marble surround and the vanity top is the same marble. (I decided to keep the original vanity and re-work it myself.) Most people prefer tiled walls in their bath but I prefer to have painted walls. They feel more welcoming.

It's bedtime here in rocket city. Tomorrow is another day as a construction worker for me. I'm not complaining - I'm bragging that I'm able to do the little bit that I can do. Take care, everyone. My best to you.


Cheryl said...

You should brag. You're walking the walk. Will we get a peak?

Mary said...

Yep, I'll post pics but don't expect a House Beautiful layout. It'll be more like Plain Jane but comfy and clean.