Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello, My Friends . .Hello

It's been a week since I posted a new blog entry. A busy week, I might add. I've finally quit "stewing" over the fiasco going on with remodeling. I found the button that puts me in "get over it and get on with it" mode. It took a while, didn't it? The final on-line orders for 'stuff' has been confirmed. It's almost victory time.

A lot of last week was devoted to NASCAR. As usual, it'll take me half of the season to relearn who is driving which car and who is being the biggest jerk this year. The big race on Sunday was a let down. The only good thing was that a fellow who had never won Daytona was declared the winner since he was out front when rain ended the race. Maybe this isn't the prediction of things to come this season.

All the kids were here Sunday afternoon except for Mary. She stayed home to nurse a major cold/flu. Dinner was roast beef, new potatoes, corn on the cob, slaw, and carmel pound cake. I sent left overs home with kids and a special serving for Mary. I hope she felt like eating a little. Of course, everyone was watching the race. James and Jesse have race video games and love racing. Mav is still too young to notice the race very much but he surely does know how to laugh and play with his toys.

Harry's new frag (baby coral) tank was delivered on Saturday. The next project will be to get it set up and in operation. I won't have a lot to do on that project. I'm the bathroom contractor - Harry manages the reefs.

I may not post much and comment only a little, but I do think of you, my peeps, every day and picture you having much to smile about.


SOUL: said...

just sayin hello-- good to hear that things are settling down a bit-- i hope you know -- we expect lotsa pix of your completed bathroom debacle. :)) i bet it will look mahvelous when it's done-

happyone said...

Oh, Sunday's dinner sounds delicious.
Sounds like you have the right attitude!

Brad said...

Hello - I hope things are coming along with the bathroom. I like your attitude about it. We can only do what we can do. The rest will sort itself out.

Tee said...

Hubby's all excited that NASCAR has started back for the season. Would you believe he called the winner before the race finished. I was impressed.

H@rry said...

Would you believe he called the winner before the race finished.

Was that while it was raining and the cars were stopped on pit road?