Sunday, March 8, 2009

No Title Comes to Mind

It was a good day. Enjoyed watching NASCAR and visiting with the kids. Jesse missed a couple of music classes while he was sick so his mother (Mary) took him to a tutor this afternoon for clarification of a couple of chords. They came later than everyone else. We are glad the session went well and that Jesse feels much better about his next class (on Friday).

Everyone probably knows about the web site below. I'm passing it on just in case some one might be interested and not have this information. So far as I can tell, it isn't slanted towards any political views - just a statement of allocation to each state by projected project. Don't expect me to comment in any way - I do not do politics!

Tomorrow begins a new work week for most of you and for those who, like us, are retired another week of "what do I have to do today?" We have a lot on our plates and must make haste to be ready for the new reef tanks.

Enjoy as much as you can and let the other stuff go. My best to everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary Ruth: Good to know you are back in action kido. Hope your family week end gathering went well. When do you kids get the new reef tank? Wishing you and all the family well. Love ya kid, Ricky