Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Color Me . . . .

OK, I know. Just color me a bad blogger. All I can say is that life got in the way. Nothing bad happened - it's just been busy in my corner of the world. Consider this my New Year post - four days late.

Harry and I were married in July, 2000.
In the past decade we:
Retired from our long time careers.
Saw two children married and gained a new son and daughter.
Were presented with four grandchildren.
Toured the west coast from San Francisco to Seattle.
Toured the entire Florida coast including Key West and points south.
Toured a good portion of southern Canada and points in between.
Joined a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.
Expanded the reef tanks to well over 600 gallons in four aquariums.
Weathered cancer with apparent success.
Learned that diabetes can be a nuisance.
Supported each other through various other aliments - none serious.
Learned to love each other unconditionally and live in harmony.

I began my blog and have met several bloggers who became friends. (Thank you for tolerating me.)

Who knows what the next decade will bring. Whatever it is we will face with dignity, love, and acceptance.

Resolutions? Not me. I feel too guilty when I don't keep them.

In addition, I'd like to protest these polar temperatures! Can someone tell me when it's above freezing? BRRRRRRRRR!!


Smocha said...

Sounds like a pretty productive decade .

"Clink" may the next one be full of restful,problem free, flat-out JOY!

Cheers! Honey :)

Oh, P.S.
My kids keep going to Key West...Next time I want them to take ME!

SOUL: said...

july what?
me and soulman's is july 1st 1992

Happyone :-) said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot in 10 years!
I don't make resolutions either. Just try to do the best with each day I'm given. :-)
Happy New Year - may it continue to bring you love and happiness.

Mary said...

Smoocha, And "clink" back to you. Have the boys ever taken the boat or sea plane to the Dry Tortugas? It's about 80 miles out from Key West. If they haven't they have missed a lot of fun. The trip turns into a party on the boat and the fort is unbelievable. You can tour the fort, snorkle, swim, and see the boats (if you can call them that) that people have built to float to the states.

Soul, Bingo!! Ours in July 1, 2000. I contend that July 1 is a perfect day for a wedding.

Happyone, the same to you. This decade gives new meaning to "live each day to the fullest and be truly thankful for each day we're granted."