Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Title

It's C-O-L-D here in the south land. It probably sounds like a joke to some of you but we silly southerners aren't prepared for this. When I lived in the Appalachians these temps were normal for this time of year and we were well prepared. Here in north Alabama nothing is prepared. If snow or ice is in our future please let it be snow. Ice is a horror for us. Enough of the whining.

Monday I started a list of "to-dos" for each day this week. I am shocked at how long the darn thing is. If I manage to finish all this crap this week I plan to take the weekend off. I have to go out today to run three errands - bank, grocery, office supply. Gotta find my heaviest coat. I donated my "mountain coat" to a charity so I may be in trouble.

Not much to blog about. Our routine is bland and unexciting. Good thing - old farts can't take a lot of excitement. . . at least not until warmer weather.

Stay warm and come back to visit when you can. My best to all.


Tee said...

We have been forced to pull out the goosedown jackets. Now they are talking snow over here in GA. The "s" word always sends people into panic here in the south. The grocery store was packed Monday, mostly with all us old people. I agree with you about the ice, it a horror story. I'll take the snow any day, but please spare the ice. I got so far behind on my to-do-list I think I'm in first place.

Happyone :-) said...

I must be getting used to the cold because this morning on my walk it didn't seem so cold!!