Thursday, January 21, 2010


We had some pretty bad storms tonight. There was a little rain, warm temperatures, light wind, and then just about sundown everything became really, really still. The sky looked angry and there were black clouds hanging low over Huntsville. Harry and I were having dinner at our favorite oriental restaurant when the weather alert sirens began blasting. This time it wasn't just a storm - it was a tornado.
Not a big tornado but destructive, nevertheless. It didn't touch down at the restaurant where we were eating but it was close. News reports say that it did serious damage to old downtown Huntsville. It also struck the historic Five Points area. Reports are that while there is significant property damage there are no fatalities.

The storm went well to the north of the area where we live. It is a sad night for many but much to be thankful for, too.

I have a followup appointment with my surgeon in the morning. I'll check before I go to be sure there is no damage at his office and that he isn't re-scheduling patients. In the afternoon Harry and I are going to Nashville but we'll be back and ready to see the kids on Sunday. Our oldest son will be staying here to take care of the reefs and kitty.

It's too late for old folks. Busy day tomorrow. Good Night.


Jamie said...

Good heavens, isn't this time of year a little off for tornados? It's just strange everywhere recently. Good luck at the dr this morning. Hugs. :)

Cheryl said...

I'm really afraid of tornadoes. I don't think I would have been able to stay at the restaurant. I'd be looking for a basement!

How did it go at the doctor's? Very, very well, I hope.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I hope everything went well at the doctor's. Can you believe all this strange weather? Tornadoes frighten me something awful and around here they usually happen at night where you can't see anything. ugh. Have a great weekend, Mary.

BREZZ said...

happy to hear you guys are safe-- geesh.
we had tornadoes-- but more east of us- that same day. we only had a little rain etc here.

you guys got real lucky.

ttyl LBF