Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Old Woman Reports In

I've been absent from the blogging scene so long that I'm fairly sure everyone moved on without me. For what seems like weeks my days have been the same routine. I developed an abscess in the radiation scar that resulted from the deep radiation burn I received during radiation therapy. This is a royal mess!! My dressing has to be changed two times every day. There isn't a lot of pain but there is a whole wagon load of discomfort.

There was a few minutes of excitement in our kitchen this afternoon. I got ice from the dispenser on the frig and it wouldn't cut off. There was a regular hail storm in our kitchen. Harry and I were scootin' around trying to cut the darn thing off. Harry finally disconnected the motor and I swept up the ice cubes. I'm sure there is something else in this house that can develop a problem but for the life of me I can't imagine what it will be.

This is a lame post but it does demonstrate how quiet my life has been for several weeks. I continue to read along on your blogs and sometimes comment. If I don't it doesn't mean that you are forgotten. I value my blogging friends.


Jamie said...

We would never move on without you. :) Once, I opened my freezer on my side by side unit...and a huge deluge of ice came flying out, from every crook and nanny of that damned thing. Seems the "arm" that cuts off the ice making, became stuck. So, it kept making ice, until there was not room for even one more cube. I could have shoveled ice out of that kitchen. Ah, memories. :)

Take care of that burn...that sounds like no fun whatsoever.

Hugs, friend. :)

Tee said...

You have been missed. Hope that burn will soon heal.

We have an automatic water dispenser and it leaks, so we don't use it. I wish you could buy a large capacity refrigerator without all that door stuff, it's only equipment to repair.

Cheryl said...

The hail storm added a bunch of excitement to your day. I think of things like that as "I Love Lucy" moments. Thank goodness Harry was able to turn it off!

I hope the abscess clears up soon. Sounds painful and annoying.

Forget you? Not!

SOUL said...

hey lady. i may be slothlike - and forgetful. but never would i leave you behind. i have excuses and reasons for my lack of show around here , but they are bad ones. i have neglected everyone i know in blogland. well, which is everyone i know.
sorry about the burn, and the fridge. in that order. at least ya got some ice on ya in a hurry! sorry.. couldn't resist. :)) i love you ya know. i can't believe that this has been goin on for so long with you. i hope it gets all healed up soon. it's good to know that Dr Harry is there for and with you.

i hope you have a happy weekend - and a comfortable one too !