Thursday, May 7, 2009

Once Upon a Time There Was a Rose . .

. . . And the rose continues to offer hope.

Today was devoted to getting an estimate for an additional heat/air system for the sunroom and then considering the pros and cons. So many decisions - so much work still undone - so little time - so much to be thankful for so I won't complain.

Because I do so want to show my blog friends what we've been working towards I'm posting an absolutely bad picture. I don't know how to set the exposure, etc, on Harry's fancy camera and mine bit the dust - so to speak.

This is two sides of the new setup. Each side is 8 feet. On the far side - near the windows - is another 4 ft 'leg'. The setup forms a "U" shape with the mechanics out of sight in the center. Aquascaping isn't complete yet. We're waiting for the livestock (coral, fish, and inverts) to settle down and become content with their new atmosphere.
Some guys are scheduled to be here on Saturday morning to remove the old tank, hood and stand. What a relief. When that's done I can finally begin to make headway. Maybe by the 4th of July things will be back in order and normal days will return to our little corner of the world.

I hope each of you is well and looking forward to a happy weekend in a couple of days. My best to my blog friends.


SOUL: said...

that looks nice-- where were the tanks originally? in the livin room? what's behind them now? the kitchen? i like it.
i bet you feel better with em on the tile huh? not that if there was a big "accident" the carpet still wouldn't get ruined-- but it wouldn't take the main hit. looks cool. can you see the other side when you're standin there?

all you're missin now is sponge bob square pants! :))

happyone said...

Wow, I didn't realize the tanks were so big!! I can see why it has taken a while. Most impressive - must really be impressive in person.

I love your roses. They are gorgeous.


gasp---beautiful!!! WOWO!! Yes, what's on the other side of the tanks??


Mary said...

The origional tank (225 gal) was in the living room. These custom tanks are bigger. This is our last expansion. It's hard to explain with words how the new reef is oriented. (I always think outside the box) When things settle down I'll post good pictures and a small diagram of how things are oriented. There is a little yellow sponge growing on one of the live rock - maybe Sponge Bob.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Mary Ruth when can I come over and go snorkling with Sponge Bob and the kids? Totally cool baby.....must be like having Sea World in your house. Tell handsome Harry I said hi and that I will shower before jumpin in....Glad the recent storms showed mercy on you and the, Ricky

Cheryl said...

That's an amazing set-up. Do you pull up a chair and watch the tanks? I think that's what I'd do. I'm so glad you're almost at the end of that project. Enjoy!

SOUL: said...

so you DO have sponge bob!! sounds complete to me :))

happy mothers day -- to the mother and gramma of the year - fo shizzle!

have a great day

Golden To Silver Val said...

How beautiful! Do you have tropical fish in them also? My doctor's office has some huge aquariums like that and I always feel so relaxed watching the fish. I sure do wish I had the room to have something like that...but lack the knowledge of how to care for it as well as no room. Do you have to keep them at a constant temp? So many questions....LOL They are beautiful and can't wait to see the next batch of pictures. Keep smilin'

Tee said...

Those tanks are HUGE! I had no idea you were dealing with something that large. You will have to charge admission to view those things. I see why ya'll have been so busy working on this project.