Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Sun is Back in Sunday

Hello out there! I'm sitting at my desk and looking out the window at a strange light in the sky. Rumor has it that it's something called "SUN" . . . WOW!!! I seem to have a faint memory of the sun, but I can't be sure. :-D

Yesterday we drove to a little town in Tennessee (Lawrenceburg) about 75 miles from our house. We visited another reef enthusiast along with other members of the North Alabama Reef Club (NARC). It was a fun day but both Harry and I were pooped by the time we got back home. I was surprised that there wasn't more traffic since it is a holiday weekend.

Isn't it shocking at just how "out of line" a kitchen can get if you skip a day of cleaning? Yuck!! Guess what I did this morning. The kitchen is finally ready for cooking - if you don't look too closely, that is. Problem is: I just don't want to cook. I think today is a good day to have order in pizza, hot wings, and salad. I have cheesecake to provide any extra calories anyone might need. This menu will make the kids happy and make Harry groan. Oh well - that's the way the cookie crumbles. I'll make it up to him tomorrow.

My best to all my blog friends. Thanks for stopping by. Hope the day is a happy one for you. Hugs to everyone - Mary Ruth


Dear Liza said...

Happy day to you too, Mary!

Go tony!


Cheryl said...

Sometimes pizza days are the best. I was at my brother's and it sure was nice to have a meal cooked for me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Brad said...

When there's no cook in residence at home we have "fend for your self" night. Fending is often a phone call to Tino's for the pizza pie!

Enjoy that sunshine!

Tee said...

I hate to cook, but my sweet husband doesn't mind, so he cooks and I clean up. That works for us, because I enjoy his cooking and don't appreciate his cleanups, I tend to be a little OCD. Great arrangement for us. :-)

SOUL: said...

have you noticed there's a blogger/comment strike? what's up with that? is it just the weekend thing.. or is facebook overtaking blogland?
whatever it is i can't like it.
i hate facebook.. and i hate not gettin comments. and i hate my peeps not bloggin. perhaps that leaves me -- ummm... hatin???
don't be hatin.
hope you had a good weekend, and have a good week comin too.