Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News From My House

I’m facing one of the things none of us ever want to face. But I hasten to say that I’m choosing to face it straight on and in a positive manner. This is a post that I know Harry probably thinks I should not publish but I feel strongly that I should. I have been given the opportunity to face a challenge and hopefully overcome all the obstacles. Perhaps someone will read this and remember that they should call today and schedule any and all medical tests and/or exams that they have been avoiding or delaying for what ever reason.

I didn’t avoid or delay my mammograms. A routine, scheduled appointment found that I have a small infiltrating carcinoma in one breast and a benign papillary lesion in the other. I’m lucky that the problems were found early. The carcinoma (cancer) is small and we hope well contained. At this point my surgeon hopes to remove the mass and check lymph nodes to be sure they are clear. The final decision will be made when the margins of the mass are examined as well as the lymph node. I don’t look forward the necessary follow-up treatments but I’ll do whatever is necessary.

I have a PET scan scheduled for later this week and following that final decisions will be made and time tables set. I’m ready to get on with this process, get it over with, and move on to something more pleasant. After all, folks, I'm holding Harry's IOU for a trip.

I’m in good spirits as is the rest of the family. My life isn’t on hold. As a matter of fact I was told that the test for cancer was a definite positive on Friday. We had James and Jesse for a sleepover that night. It was a big night of movies, snacks, giggles, tickles, story telling, and after midnight a good night’s sleep. Jesse explained that he wanted to stay up all night and that midnight is the end of the night because after that it’s a.m. and that means morning. Children’s logic continues to amaze me.

Please include me in your prayers, if you are inclined to pray. If not, think good thoughts for me. I truly feel that the outcome of all this will be positive. I intend to do all I can to make it so.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Mary, just letting you know, I'm sending up prayers for you just as you did for me. Remember, you shared your family history with me once and so I know the strength that dwells inside of YOU.

SOUL: said...

sorry i didn't get over here yesterday when i was supposed to. we've talked and you know how i feel about all this. if i read it right-- it sounds less invasive than you thought the night we talked. i hope i read it right???
what i know i did read right-- is that you are stronger than this ,, and you will beat it , no matter what they say-- or do.
you are handling this a lot better than i know i would, and a lot of other people i know too.
keep us up to date--
and you know prayers are goin out for you from here.
as for the thing i said i was mailing-- well.. that, is still sittin on my dresser. but i will eventually get to the post office. i'm so bad about mailing stuff-- even bills. i'm a post office-a-phobic maybe.

take it easy-- and remember -- you have lots of friends and family -- and everyone of them is praying and wishing well for you.


C.A. said...

Mary, please know that I will be thinking of you in your journey and sending thoughts and prayers for your easy treatment and swift recovery.

Also, keep me in mind, as I am an old school Oncology nurse from way back. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk or vent, please let me be there for you.

You are an amazing woman, and so strong, and that will get you through is detour on the road of your life.

Big Hugs....


happyone said...

I am so sorry to hear this, but you have a such a positive attitude and I think that means so much. I will certainly put you and your family in my prayers every day!!

Tee said...

I will be praying for you. I so glad the diagnosis is a "small" lump. Early detection is the key to overcoming breast cancer. There has been so much progress in the treatment of this disease. I know you are going to be fine.

Mary said...

Everyone, thank you for the prayers, well wishes, and offer of support. It means a lot to us.

I'm going to continue to focus on the best case senerio (sp??). I'm well aware that there could be more but I'm just not going to worry. My nephew, Ricky, said that worry never solved anything and I believe he's correct.

I don't know how much I'll be posting, but I will be reading. Sometimes I just don't know what to say and I'm just don't know enough to ask questions yet.

Again, thanks to one and all.