Thursday, June 25, 2009

Progress Report on Mary Ruth

Guess what, Good News.
Her surgery today lasted about 1:45. The doctor told me that everything went normally and just as he expected. He removed the area that was cancerous and also the lump from the other breast. He took sample tissue from the lymph (sp) node and it appeared to be normal from a visual reference. All this will undergo lab analysis and we will know the results on Monday.
She is at home now. When we got here she wanted water. She had water and a pimento cheese sandwich. She took her prescribed pain medication as a precaution, took a potty break, changed to her night clothes, and went to bed. She is resting somewhat comfortably.
She wanted me to especially thank all of you folks for the prayers, thoughts, and good wishes that you have sent her way. Stay tuned for updates from the ole gal herself!


Anonymous said...

Rest well Mary. Take your pain medication, eat as many pimento cheese sandwiches as you would like and just sleep. You have been through an ordeal today and I am so glad that all went well. Now is the time to regain your strength and remember that there are so many of us who are in your corner. I send you positive healing thoughts and good wishes.


Cheryl said...

Thank you Harry for the news. Sounds like great news. I can't wait for Monday to hear that the margins were clear and the lymph nodes cancer-free. More positive thoughts coming your way!

Summer said...

Thank you Harry. Sweet dreams Mary!

happyone said...

Oh that is so good to hear. Thanks Harry for letting us know how things went with Mary.
Rest well and pleasant dreams.
Prayers continue!!

Dear Liza said...

Thanks for letting us know, Harry. Please tell Mary I am with her in thoughts and prayers. And HUGS, too.


C.A. said...

Harry, thank you for the post. Mary has been on my mind and I'm so happy to hear the surgery is over and she's home.

Pain free recovery to you, Miss Mary. Thinking of you and yours...

All the best...


Tee said...

Mary, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I will continue to pray for your recovery and for good lab reports. I'll pray especially for no involvement in the lymphnodes.