Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost: One Summer

September 2, 2009. Do you know where your summer went? I completely lost mine.

I'm fighting taking a long nap this afternoon in hopes that the lack of a long nap will help me sleep tonight. Sleep is a most fickle friend. Enough of that subject. Boring!

I have to write about something so I guess I'll tell you about today's appointment for radiation. The facility where I go is very prudent in scheduling appointments. The aim is that no one has to wait more than five minutes. Until today I've never waited a full five minutes before the tech comes to take me back. Today when I got there the waiting room was packed! (A machine at another location was 'down' and some of those patients were sent over.) I changed and settled in for the wait. There were two distinct groups of women talking among themselves and (it seemed to me that) each group was trying to talk louder than the other. Individuals in each group were trying to tell a bigger cancer horror tale than the others. In addition two women were complaining loudly that they were going to be late getting back to work and would be in trouble. (I could certainly understand that.) My tech called me back and I told him to take the two women who were worried about their jobs ahead of me and I'd wait as a fill-in since I have no schedule to keep. The caveat was that I be allowed to sit in the little office while waiting. Those women seemed to enjoy misery and terrible things that happened to others. Did I mention that there was one lone man sitting there? He was looking pretty stressed. I'm sure he'd heard about enough of the graphic stories the women were telling. As I left the room I heard him say really loud: "You women think you have problems - what if you were having radiation on your n*ts!" You could have heard a pin drop. All conversation ended.

Ain't life a hoot?

A small town just down the road from Huntsville had its first fatality from Swine Flu yesterday. He was a boy (11 years old). He collapsed in the doctor's office and died. Apparently he had seen the doctor just a few days before and had been improving. Yesterday morning he was worse and returned the doctor. Please be aware that this flu can be dangerous and get medical care at the first sign of flu-like symptoms.

I'm a whole bag full of gloomy stuff. I didn't mean for this post to sound that way. I actually thought the situation at radiation was a hoot! Well, it was really funny after I had treatment and was home. A great situation comedy could be written about that scene.

Treatment is going well. Five down and thirty to go.


happyone said...

That was a funny story!
You have such a good attitude.
I had a visit with a new doctor today. Just a routine visit. She was super nice and very good. I'm so glad to have found this new doctor. I feel very comfortable with her.
I got a tetanus shot which I wasn't expecting and my arm is a bit sore tonight.
Hope you get a good nights sleep.

SOUL: said...

i know whatchya mean about fending off the need to nap. i do that a lot -- then i wonder why. hmmm. not like i miss anything either way.

i hear stories like that too-- seein as i spend more time in doctors offices than hair salons. i reckon it depends on my frame of mind on each particular day. some can be depressing. yours sounds pretty funny.

and nice of you to give up your place in line.

anyhow-- i hope that sacrificing your nap on a "R" day will earn you lots of good rest tonight.

big hugs LBF
and be sure to check your mail tomorrow :)) someone may sneak somethin in your mailbox

Jamie said...

I loved that story, why are people so stupid? Just yesterday, while walking through the service department at work, I heard one of the mechanics yell to the service manager - and I mean YELL -- across the garage--"I took it apart and now I can't get it back together!". Good heavens Mary, that would be like ME yelling down the hall - hey owners, we are totally out of money--- LOLOL! I would certainly want to hear THAT, if I was a customer of this dealership...

I think that you had the dr's take the women who needed to get back to work first speaks volumes about the kind of person that you are.

Hugs, and happy Thursday. :)

Cheryl said...

Maybe the reason they have such a tight appointment schedule is so patients don't have the opportunity to exchange horror stories. That's just awful! By giving up your turn you helped out in a big way, and got out of the way. Just the thing to do!

I really did mean to write you back. Know I haven't forgotten!

SOUL: said...

just checkin in--
howya feelin?
get any mail lately???

Tee said...

I just can't listen to all that negative talk. Good for the man! I feel like that with people talking on the phone. I'm not interested in listening to their conversations! I ask a man to leave the dentist office the other day. When I left 45 minutes later he was still outside talking on the phone.