Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

As of today I'm officially half way through radiation. It seems like it took a long time to get this far but here I am. Not much the less for wear. There are bouts of nausea, a bit of pain, lots of fatigue, and burns - nothing that I can't manage. I do, however, avoid seeing myself in the mirror. If I actually see the burns I feel worse. Today was a "see the doctor" day. Talking to him and feeling comfortable with his reassurances made me feel better not only about the present but also about my probable outcome.

Rain came to our corner of the world and seems to feel right at home here. There's no sign of it moving along. We haven't had flooding but many have. Northwest Alabama has been hit fairly hard but not nearly so hard as Atlanta. Last summer, after experiencing a few years of drought, I threatened to have all the shrubs replaced with sand and cactus. That would have been a mistake. (I never really intended to replace the shrubs with cactus. It just made a good example of how bad the drought was at the time.)

I didn't have a playmate visit today. Jesse was running a fever this morning and everyone (not me) decided he shouldn't play with Nana today. I talked to his dad a little bit ago and Jesse seems OK now. I always look forward to play time and really miss having the grandsons visit.

Harry continues to pamper me. I'm spoiled rotten. Bless his heart, I know he gets tired of this game but he doesn't complain. Between taking care of me, the tanks, and mowing the yard his days are packed full. The cleaning service helps a lot, though. Did I mention that I'm spoiled? Yep, I surely am.

Well, that about sums up my day. So much excitement that I can hardly stand it. NOT!!! Hope all is well in your world. Take care and be happy.


Karen said...

How nice that you have Harry to take care of you.
Hope the second half goes by fast and this will all be behind you very soon.
Hang in there.
I pray for you daily.

Jamie said...

All sounds reasonably good in your world, and that makes me happy. You are a real trooper Mary. Hugs and hugs and hugs, friend. :)

SOUL: said...

hey their LBF--
you do sound good-- but i still hear 'tired'. i can't wait til this is completely over for you. the outcome sounds positive and i can't wait til you can get on the mend and stop draggin yourself to the torture chamber so often.
the burns sound like the worst part, and it breaks my heart for you.
but on the bright side-- i know you're sittin there scemin on what kinda trouble you can cause when you're able--- so, keep gettin better-- and keep schemin--

Cheryl said...

You are a trooper, always with a good outlook and a dose of humor. How long till the radiation is over? Then what?

A mundane life is just fine. It's pretty much what I have. Sometimes I'm bored, but mostly it's the way I like it. I'm comfortable with routines and I think you are too.

Tee said...

So glad you are progressing well with your treatments and your wonderful husband continues to pamper you. :-)

Flooding has been bad here in the Atlanta area. I think the drought is officially over. Lake Lanier is only 4 ft. below full pool, Lake Jackson (about 40 miles south of Atlanta) flooded OVER the dam. This afternoon we in north Atlanta having lunch and it was pouring rain. The poor people that have already been hit hard by the floods early this week are probably going to get it again.

SOUL: said...

just stoppin by to check in and say howdy to my LBF--
howya doin?
i hope today is a good one for you--
lobster on the menu anytime soon?
you deserve it-- tell that man o' yorn to get 'crackin' :))