Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Sound of Silence

It's raining, it's pouring, kitty cat is snoring. She's sleeping beside me. I don't see how she can breathe at all with her nose buried in her fur.

Harry is in Memphis. He left last evening for a coral reef event and will be home late today. I just didn't feel up to the trip. I have actually enjoyed the sound of silence but it's beginning to become a bit too loud. Silence CAN become loud - at least in my world. Joe will be here in a while and then silence will slip away and things will be normal again.

I wish that I had something to write about but I really don't. My days are all the same. . . up and to radiation (5 days a week), home and a light lunch, nap, eat dinner, watch a bit of TV with Harry, back to bed. That's it. In between the events of my day I read a bit, watch the fish play in our reefs, and read a few blogs. Let's all stand and cheer for the excitement at the Hooper household. Sunday Gatherings are my highlight! They are pretty much the same except I do less cooking.

As for me and my journey along the big C road, I'm doing fine. Keeping a good outlook and looking forward to getting through this and on to better days. I do have burns (from the radiation) that are pretty uncomfortable and certainly yucky. Have you ever heard of "Lindi" gel products? They are absolutely an answer to the worst of the discomfort from radiation burns. Needless to say, I'm learning a lot on this adventure.

It's Saturday, folks. Find something fun to do and enjoy, enjoy!! My best to one and all.


Karen said...

Nice to see you posting.
Sorry you are having to go through all you are.
Your attitude sounds good.
Things taking an up sweep in my life. Not quite there yet but we're working on it. :-)


Keep up the good outlook, okay?

Ahhh yes, the creme products. My Grandma had many perscription based cremes of those---and they definitely did help.

thinking of you!

SOUL: said...

top o' the mornin to ya my LBF--
you sound chipper-
sorry i didn't get to this yesterday-- i was a bit pooped myself.
no comparison to what you must be feeling for sure.
man i just can't get over how well you're doing-- or at least sounding. i hope somewhere you are finding yourself as comfy as you can be. you are definitely positive about all of this-- and i do know that is your main ---- ahhhh--- i lost my word here, but you know what i mean. just keep being positive. you're almost done. and i gotta say-- i know a lot of people who would have given up on this by now. some people just can't take stuff like this. keep on truckin lady-- k. you're almost there-- and you'll be better than ever!
plus-- not sure if ya know it-- but you do help me be less of a pain-whimp ya know?
big hugs to you--
enjoy the fam tonight eh?

Mary said...

Hi, Karen,
Yes, I am on a wild trip but it could be worse. I've never had anyone jump to my every whim before - I could become adicted.

Waiting to hear about the "up sweep" in your life. Do tell when the time is right.

Mary said...

Thanks for the note and the positive thoughts. Each and every thought/prayer counts. I'm sorry that I've been neglectful about keeping up with my blogging friends. My intentions are good but my follow-through sucks.

Mary said...

Mornin' Soul,
Yesterday was a quiet day and I really did enjoy it but I'm glad Harry is back home.

Sorry you didn't win the tourny but it's good to hear you and hubby had a day in the open air. That's good for both of you.

Animals!! What-ya-gonna-do??? We only have the one cat but she is a spoiled brat. I hope we never get another animal even though I do love animals.

I'm doing OK, Soul. I have a positive attitude and can deal with the pain and discomfort. If the nausea button gets pushed you'll see what a whimp I really am.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Tee said...

I know you love your life of routine. I am so thankful for such a routine, boring life, a life without drama. I'm sure many women would love to be living our boring lives.

Sorry about the radiation burns. My best friend had the same experience, but they will heal, just like your body. Be encouraged, this too shall pass.

Jamie said...

I'm so happy to see a post from you. I think about you alot and pray for you regularly. I think your outlook and attitude is awesome and is the key to getting better. Hugs, friend. :)