Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Too Late to Think of a Title

Several days (weeks??) ago I received this award from Soul. I am just now able to upload the graphic. Sometimes old farts need remedial training. Anyway, I'm very proud of receiving the award. Thank you bushels and more.I wish I knew something exciting to blog about but, alas, I don't. Nothing ever happens in my world - at least nothing very interesting. The big event in my life this past week was beginning my five years of medication with Arimidex.

The children were here today for gathering day. It was our oldest son's (Joe) birthday. He has reached the age that he prefers not to discuss his age. How old do you think that makes me feel? I must be old as dirt.

Harry brought a new (to us) shopping web site to my attention this morning. I enjoyed window/screen shopping for a while this morning. I thought some of you might like to check it out. It's called The Find. We've never bought from this site (Harry only found it this morning.) but it is interesting.

On that note I have a date with the sandman. I hope he doesn't stand me up tonight. Last night he was a no-show.


Karen said...

Congratulations on your award.
I've just sent you an email.
I'm going to go and check out the web site.

SOUL: said...

web shopping is the best kind-- ya don't have to put a bra on - or even leave the house -- best of all? it's free! i'll have to check it out later on. i've been busy lately and i am one whooped ole gal.
hopefully you slept last night? maybe even can catch a nap today. i'm hopin so.
you need to catch up i bet.

anyhow- i hope you have a really good day LBF
big hugz to you-

Jamie said...

You sound great Mary and that makes me smile. I plan on checking out that web site, too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. :)