Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sunshine and Falling Leaves

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . I woke up with Mr. Rogers' theme song in my head. It has been just that kind of day for me. It is, in fact, a beautiful day.

Yesterday I drove myself to my dental appointment. It certainly seemed strange to be driving. I bet I get over that real soon, don't you agree? Dentist said my teeth were just fine - no damage. That was a relief. All my life I've had a recurring nightmare that my teeth are falling out. Silly, right?

My computer faces a window that looks out at our back yard. The ground is almost covered with brown, yellow and orange leaves. I know that they came from out trees but when I look up at the branches it doesn't look possible that the leaves on the ground came from these trees. We don't rake leaves. Instead we mulch and bag them then put them onto a compost pile. Simple and effective. Yeah, sure! I don't have to do the job so it's easy for me.

I still have burns that aren't healed but on the bright side - my energy seems to be coming back really fast. This morning Harry warned, "Don't wear yourself out today" as he was heading out to do several errands. I'm doing 'sit down' jobs today. Sorting pictures, filing clippings that have piled up, etc. I'm trying to be good.

My best to everyone. Until later . . .


Karen said...

I sing the Mr Rogers song many days. :-)
Good to hear you are out and driving and that it was a good trip to the dentist!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Its a good thing to remember....take it easy and don't over-do. Your hubby is a smart man! Take care and God Bless.

Judy said...

Yay for Happy Days!!! I can tell you had a little "Pep in your Step" today. So glad to hear that the energy is coming back!

Smocha said...

Ha! Soul and I have both had that teeth falling out dream for years. :)

Wonder what THAT means.

Glad you are feeling better and getting back to life :)

SOUL: said...

smocha beat me to it--
i was gonna say that-
you must find out wth, it means to have the teeth falling out dreams-- forever.
it is soooo weird. in some of my dreams i could be simply talkin to someone and all my teeth just fall right outta my head!
so-- umm, no, not sily.
it means something-- just not sure what.

anyhow-- i bet you loved the freedom of driving-- even though i know it felt a little odd.

bit by bit-- your life will be all yours again.

love you LBF
happy weekend!!!

SOUL: said...

oh-- ps--
thanks a million for the 'song of the day'

Jamie said...

I loved mr rogers, he was just so damned happy all the time..

I'm so happy to see you back here, and feeling better. A prayer answered.

Hugs, friend. Lots of hugs. :)