Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Big Girl Day

Today, for the first time in over 10 months, I got to be the big girl in charge. I drove Harry to and from a medical procedure otherwise known as a colonoscopy. It was done at the outpatient surgery center which is a large facility affiliated with the Huntsville Hospital. Everything went well for him.

While I was waiting (3 hours) I had the chance to people watch. It was an experience that's not for the faint hearted. I didn't see a lot of happy faces but I certainly observed some strange behavior.

A woman with both a computer and a cell phone talked - loud - nonstop while "clicking" her computer without stop. What do I know about this woman? She's "only a heartbeat away from her doctorate." She thinks there are too many kids in special ed - "they (the kids) just need firm discipline." Her partner, who is having shoulder surgery, is very jealous of her intellect and complains all the time. As soon as she gets her doctorate and a good job she's going to move out of his house. (In my opinion, he will be the winner when that happens.)

Woman sitting behind me was snoring and sleep mumbling. She must have had a lively time last evening - she reeked of alcohol. (I moved as soon as a chair was vacant.)

A middle aged woman with blond tousled hair, a large designer bag, jeans rolled up to her calf, 3 inch heels, and a bright red hoodie was having trouble with her lipstick. She wiped it off and reapplied it at least four times.

The only interesting person I saw was a very attractive young lady who had cornrows that extended into several braids. The braids had pheasant feathers woven in and were gathered into an interesting chignon at the nape of her neck. She seemed relaxed and at peace with herself. I would have liked to talk to her but she was too far away.

I feel like I spent the time watching people in a zoo. Do you think that maybe I've been home too long to be allowed in public? I do.

Later, my friends.


Cheryl said...

I love watching 'the public.' Their behavior can be quite interesting. It gave you good fodder for this blog post!

I'm glad Harry's procedure went well. That's always a relief.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving? I can't wait.

Karen :-) said...

Well, it certainly wasn't boring! :-)
I bet Harry is glad that is over with!!!

SOUL: said...

happy to hear harrys ordeal went ok-- and especially that it's over. i feel for anybody who has to go through that. seems there oughtta be some way to make it less awful. the prep i mean. the prep-- ugh-- always the worst part.
and prolly why everyones 'ride' was so out of it. they usually miss as much sleep , and get to share as much stress and sympathy 'pain', as their person gettin the camera.

i always try to make it as easy on the hub and kid as possible. sleep in a different room, use a different rest-room, that kinda thing. it really can be disruptive through the night if you share a room. so i don't.

anyhow--- i am happy you felt normal, even if everyone else was crazy. but hey that's a good sign. you know you aint crazy when, everybody else IS... right?

hope you and the gang have a wonderful turkey day!
hugs LBF

Tee said...

I love people watching. One of my best friends travels a lot on her job and she calls me from the airport and describes the people around her. It is so funny. My husband watches people and "reads their mind", that is hilarious! So glad you are the caregiver today.