Wednesday, December 5, 2007

All Is Well That Ends Well

The youngest grandson spent the morning and midday with me today. His older brother's class went to a retirement center to sing. The youngest grandson and I played cars, watched Noggin, and made pancakes. He really did help by getting the eggs, milk, and syrup from the fridge without being told what to get. He also used the wire whisk to stir the batter. When the pancakes were ready to go into the skillet he got a fork and sat at the table to be ready to eat. He ate 3 large pancakes with butter and honey. I thought I'd have to scour the table and floor after we ate but there were no spills. His hands were really sticky, though.

I have the beginning of a sore throat tonight. Maybe it'll be gone by tomorrow. It's been several years since I've had a cold and I'm hoping this won't be the year to break my record.

I think I told you that I ordered Christmas gifts on the net. Well, it's worked out really well. I have everything in-house that I ordered the first day. Two days later I ordered another couple of gifts and they should be delivered tomorrow. I do want to pass on an interesting situation to you. Last Saturday I received a letter from the Birmingham Post Office telling me that a package addressed to me had an unknown substance spilled on it and they couldn't send it on. They told me I could pick it up at their facility. (Picture me with a frown on my face.) I called Monday afternoon and told them that I wasn't about to drive 100 miles one way to pick up a package and that if it was damaged to return it to the company that sent it. The lady was really nice and explained that the letter didn't explain the situation very well. It seems that a mail bag had a liquid spill that couldn't be identified and everything that was affected was held for inspection. Today I received another letter from the same post office telling me that the substance had been inspected and found harmless so all affected mail would be sent forward. The package came and the contents were fine but the outer wrapping smelled like a strange mix of wintergreen and cucumbers. Do you think that a package from Body and Bath might have gotten broken? Anyway I tell you this as a long way of saying the postal service is being watchful of any possible problems with the mail.

I hope those of you with snow had safe commutes and are enjoying the evening. As for the rest of us, we can only wish for snow. My best to everyone. Take care, be safe, and have a wonderful evening.


AlabamaGal said...

I am glad you had a good day with the grandson. He sounds like a smart little guy!

It is good that you didn't have to go all the way to Birmingham for the package.

You'd love Chile. I am sure Peru is beautiful too. Armando's been there before. I haven't.

You will have to visit them for sure one day. But, until that time, I will definitely share pictures with you from my trip to Chile when I go. :)


simonsays said...

Interesting story about the post office, I guess they have to be so careful now.

You are so fortunate to have your grandkids close to you, and they sound like wonderful kids. I'll bet you are the best grandma ever. :)

I hope you aren't getting a cold, either. Three years? That's do you stay well for three years?

Mary said...

Jamie, a few years ago my doctor suggested I take cod liver oil capsules (one a day) to boost my immune system. Both Harry and I take them and neither of us have had a cold since. I do have a sore throat on occasion but if I get a lot of sleep it goes away and the cold never develops.

Other than the joint pain (flares can be really bad) I'm in very good health. God has been good to me.

SOUL: said...

rain , snow, sleet , hail, or cucumber and orange bath bubbles. hmmmm. glad you got your package!

and your pancakes. (it was pancakes right? you know my memory--i do know i am hungry...always)

anyhow-- i have returned to blogland.

will be around more ... not as much, as we are still working lots .. but am back.

Cheryl said...

My mother watched my daughter every Tuesday from when my daugher was 6 weeks old till she was out of kindergarten. They had the best relationship. Your story reminded me of that time.

Mary said...

Soul: Yep, it was pancakes. That 4 year old can eat and he isn't picky. He says, "I'm hungry. What do you have." No special requests, he just wants FOOD.

Cheryl: Yes, time together does establish a special connection between grandparents and grandchildren. I wouldn't trade my time with the boys for a bushel of gold. I'm sure your mother feels the same way.

happyone said...

I used to watch two of my grandkids every day for a few hours in the afternoon when they were little. They still remember all the fun we used to have and so do I. Your right, I wouldn't trade that time for anything either.
Wow three big pancakes!!
I only eat 1. :-)